Bravo’s ‘Gallery Girls’ Pay for Their Drinks With Shame (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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If you’re going to judge others by how they and friends carry on, it would be smart if Bravo’s Gallery Girls stars kept their thoughts to themselves.

On the next episode, Maggie Schaffer will be getting some karma back after talking about Amy Poliakoff’s excessive drinking habits. And Celebuzz has an exclusive preview.

We’ve already seen signs that Maggie’s boyfriend can get pretty rowdy with his friends, especially after knocking back a few…

So, what makes fellow Uptown girl Liz want to leave?

“[Maggie’s boyfriend,] Ryan’s friends started acting like the immature, stupid people at the club,” Liz Margulies says in our exclusive video. “And, they’re completely trashed.”

It isn’t just Maggie’s boyfriend and his friends. The art gallery intern is also partying pretty hard. And it sounds like she’s paying for it in shame.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek below.

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