Clint Eastwood Approves of Bill Hader’s Mocking ‘Saturday Night Live’ Impression (VIDEO)

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Stars mock Clint Eastwood following RNC debacle.
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Bill Hader should feel lucky, punk. After all, Clint Eastwood could have hated Hader’s scathing impression of him on last week’s Saturday Night Live — and as he’s shown in recent movies, the 82-year-old Hollywood legend can still kick some ass.

Fortunately for the sketch comic, Eastwood has given a thumbs-up to the sketch, in which Hader lampooned Eastwood’s now-notorious improvised comic routine in which he debated an empty chair (representing President Barack Obama) at last month’s Republican National Convention.

“I liked it,” Eastwood told E! News at Thursday’s Hollywood premiere of Trouble With the Curve. “It was good. Hader has me down pretty good.

What else did Hader’s sketch get right?

In the sketch, Hader’s Eastwood takes his chair-debate act on the road. In real life, Eastwood may travel to stump for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Asked if he’d be making more appearances on behalf of the Romney campaign, the actor/director told E! News, “I don’t know. I hope so.”

Trouble with the Curve marks Eastwood’s first time acting for a director other than himself in two decades (the last time was 1993’s In the Line of Fire, directed by Wolfgang Petersen.) Eastwood’s availability to star in Trouble, directed by his longtime assistant director Robert Lorenz, opened up when Eastwood’s plans to direct a remake of A Star Is Born fell through because his intended lead, Beyoncé, became pregnant. Eastwood told E! he still plans to direct the film, and that Beyoncé and rumored male lead Bradley Cooper may still end up starring in it.

“We were talking to Bradley Cooper,” Eastwood told E! “We’ve talked to several people, and we probably won’t address that one till next year. Early next year.” As for Beyoncé, the actor/director said, “She’s great. I don’t know if she’s available, but we’ve talked a little bit.”

Trouble With the Curve, in which Eastwood plays a veteran baseball scout, also features Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake. It opens in theaters on Friday.