‘GMA’s’ Robin Roberts’ Doctor Says She Is Feeling ‘Energized’ After Transplant

Roberts: 'Thank You'
Robin Roberts tapes emotional message to her supporters.
Roberts Leaves 'GMA'
The anchor is on leave for bone marrow transplant.
Robin Roberts successfully received her sister Sally-Ann Roberts’ bone marrow in a five-minute transplant on Thursday and is well on her way to recovery.

Her doctor, Dr. Gail Roboz, told George Stephanopoulos Friday on ABC’s Good Morning America that an email from the patient had her sounding “energized” and “wanting to go home.”

The next 7-10 days are crucial for the GMA anchor, as her and the doctors wait for the injected stem sells to grow properly.

While Roberts is feeling great Friday, Dr. Roboz was quick to point out, “We have to roll with the punches over the next few days because, don’t forget, her systems are down and Sally-Ann’s aren’t up yet so we’re in that in-between zone of watching very carefully. We are wanting every day to be a good day, but we are ready for some bumps in the road.”

Roberts, 51, received a bone-marrow transplant to treat the rare blood disoder, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). It was a beautiful sight to see the anchor smiling and dancing in the video along with her family and friends to a sing-along of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

Roboz says they will be checking her blood cells several times a day to see if the stem cells are taking hold properly. The goal is to have Roberts leave the hospital in about 30 days as the rebuilding of the cells can take weeks to months.

On Thursday, Roberts had recorded an emotional video to thank her supporters during this journey. The anchor has also been blogging her experiences on the Good Morning America website.

We wish Roberts the best of luck in her recovery.