Michael Lohan: ‘Lindsay’s Infatuation With Marilyn Monroe Scares Me’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan Arrested
Lindsay Lohan is arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.
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Michael Lohan fears  Lindsay Lohan obsession with Marilyn Monroe is starting to become a case of life imitating art.

In an exclusive interview with the The Daily Buzz, Lohan spoke out about his daughter’s most recent troubles and says he’s worried about her life spiralling out of control just like her favorite Hollywood icon.

“Lindsay has an infatuation with Marilyn Monroe which kind of scares me,” he admitted.

So where does he think she is headed?

The young star, 26, is portraying another screen siren, Elizabeth Taylor, in the Lifetime movie Liz and Dick and Michael says he can see dangerous similarities between his own flesh and blood and the two female legends.

“There are parallels sometimes,” he said. “They are so similar in their talents, their creativity and their careers that it’s scary.

“They have all had problems with addiction issues and I don’t want to see her go down that path or road anymore and it’s a shame because we all know, ‘You show me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are’.

“You have to surround yourself with the right people places and situations to get better. Not to beat Dina up, but even other people around Lindsay. She needs to be around people who are clean and sober and on the right path.”

Michael – who claims he now has a good relationship with his daughter – also touched on Lindsay’s recent Twitter attack on Amanda Bynes who is facing a number of driving offences of her own.

Surprisingly he didn’t take his daughter’s side and instead insists she should be helping others, not putting them down.

“I think Karma does exist and I don’t think a pot should call the kettle black. Lindsay is my daughter but I don’t see any good in knocking someone else. I think if anything she should be more proactive and positive about these things and try to help people out.”

Lindsay was arrested for leaving the scene of a crime in New York early Wednesday morning when she allegedly hit chef, Jose Rodriguez with her car.

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