Newsroom Soundoff: Is Kate Middleton Fit to Be Queen After Nude Photo Scandal? (VIDEO)

Kate Sues Magazine
The duchess sues French magazine over over topless images.
She’s not that innocent.

The Buckingham Palace was turned upside-down last week when explicit photos of Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, were published in a French tabloid, The Closer. Though the racy snaps were taken without the Duchess of Cambridge’s consent, and publishing them broke several French privacy laws, the world was nonetheless shocked at her secret sexy side — caught sunbathing topless on a balcony in a private residence.

So is the 30-year-old fit to be queen after this royal scandal?

Enter the Celebuzz Newsroom team.

We plied the crew with all the tea and crumpets they could consume before sounding off on the royal’s latest scandal.

Are we all Team Kate? The answer may surprise you.

Watch the video — above — to find out what Celebuzz editors are really thinking.