Betsy Brandt Dishes on ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Final Season: ‘I Want Walt to Win’ (VIDEO)

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The 'Breaking Bad' star says she's floating on cloud nine.
There’s still another year to go before AMC’s Breaking Bad airs the second half of its final season.

“Well, it’s less than a year now. It makes it better . . . a few months shy of a year,” Betsy Brandt assured us on Saturday.

Celebuzz caught up with the 35-year-old actress, who plays Marie on the series, at the BAFTA TV Tea event in West Hollywood.

As for how Breaking Bad will end, Brandt says it all comes down to a game of survival.

“I hope some of us are still alive! There’s a real possibility that we won’t be. I’ve always said that I want Walt to win, whatever that means. But it gets harder to want Walt to win every season,” she said.

“If the cancer comes back or something, I would love for him to turn it around and get back on track.”

The show is up for multiple Emmy awards on Sunday, including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Bryan Cranston) and Outstanding Drama Series.

What else did Brandt tell us about the show’s final season?

“I don’t know what’s going to happen but I do know it’ll be really good, because the writers are just amazing,” she confessed.

“It’s definitely bittersweet. I’m sad that the show is ending but I’m proud that it’s going out at the time that it’s going out, and it doesn’t end up being one of those shows where people say, ‘Oh my god, is that still on?’ I feel like we’re going out at a good time,” Brandt added.

With the final farewell slated to continue next summer, when can viewers expect Marie to find out about who Walter really is?

“I don’t know, if she found out, it would take her about a nanosecond to tell Hank. I don’t know what he will tell her. He knows she’s got a big mouth,” she said.

“I love her difficult qualities – it’s fun to play — but I don’t know what will happen. She’s the only person that Skyler could tell. Who else would Skyler tell?

For more of our interview with Betsy Brandt, check out the video above.

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air live on Sunday at 8PM ET, 5PM PT on ABC. Jimmy Kimmel will host.