Celeb Stylist Stylist-to-the-Stars Brad Goreski Shares His Emmy Fashion Predictions and Red Carpet Tips (EXCLUSIVE)

He’s the man behind Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly and Demi Moore’s enviable wardrobes and the star of It’s a Brad, Brad World. And we got Brad Goreski to give us the inside scoop on how he gets his celeb clients ready for the red carpet.

Fresh from New York Fashion Week, Kate Spade’s exclusive brand stylist took a break from prepping one of our favorites from GleeJenna Ushkowitz (aka Tina) for this weekend’s Emmy parties to share the secrets that land his clients on the best-dressed lists time and again — plus, his top tips for looking your best both on and off the red carpet.

But first, we asked Goreski to give us the lowdown on what we can expect on the red carpet at the Emmy Award’s tonight.

“This year’s spring/summer collections were full of black and white, but I think we can expect to see lot’s of color on the red carpet,” Brad told us. “Color will stand out in sea of gowns, and it photographs really well and in the end, the dress needs to look beautiful on the red carpet and in photos.”

Here are Brad’s other tricks for getting red-carpety ready — whether you’re headed to a glam event or just to grab drinks, steal his secrets for always looking your best. 

Pick a dress that is “you.” “It all starts with Fashion Week,” Goreski says. Goreski can often be seen sitting front-row during fashion week, but he also combs the latest collections on Style.com when looking for dress options for a client. He then narrows it down to the looks that are “showstopping but appropriate for that client,” Goreski says.

Fit is key. It’s not just about picking the right dress. Skilled tailoring can turn a simple gown into a stunner worthy of the  best-dressed list. “We always make sure the fit of dress is perfect,” Goreski says. Achieving that perfect fit means a series of two to three fittings before a dress is red carpet ready: “We do an original fitting, a refit and a final fitting the day before the event,” Goreski explains.

Flatter your figure. The key to best-dressed style? Knowing your body — and the silhouettes that will (and won’t work) on you. “I’m very in-tune with the things that work well with [my client’s] bodies — and what won’t,” Goreski says. “It’s important to know your body and be honest.”

Flaunt your assets.  While it’s hard to believe any of his A-list clients have any flaws to hide, the stylist-to-the-stars says it’s important to focus on the areas you want to show off. “We all know things we don’t like about our bodies, but knowing what you like about your body is  a better way to approach shopping for yourself,” Goreski says. “Maybe it’s your legs or your butt or your boobs — whatever it is, accentuate those things. That way you’re starting form a positive place instead of focusing on all the things that are wrong.”

Know the universal figure-flatterers. No matter your size or body type, there are some styling tricks that work to flatter everyone. “I always say that it’s good to accentuate your waist, whether you have small hips or big hips,” Goreski says. “Look for dresses with good construction, and a corset is always your friend.”

Do a trial run. The fittings aren’t just about the dress. They’re also a time to make sure all your accessories work, the stylist says. In addition to making sure the gown fits perfectly, it’s important to make sure the shoes, handbag and other add-ons fit with the overall look too.


Keep your overall look in mind. Though fashion may be his forté, Goreski also works with his clients on everything, from the way they’ll wear their hair to the lipstick they’ll rock. “We talk about hair and makeup to make sure everything comes together,” Goreski says. “It’s important to think about your overall look. A really good dress can go wrong with bad hair and makeup.” Sure, we may not have paparazzi following us at every turn, but even off the red carpet, Goreski says your hair and makeup should be considered part of your outfit. “Take a few extra minutes to style your hair and makeup before heading out the door,” Goreski says. “Going that extra step to put your best face forward, especially on days when you’re not feeling your best, can make a world of difference.” But that doesn’t mean you need to spend an hour getting ready every morning: “Even just throwing your hair up into a top knot instead of a standard pony can be a game-changer,” Goreski says.

Choose your outfit in advance. Though Goreski always comes prepared with a back-up dress, his clients rarely need it. “My clients tend to be decisive,” Goreski says. But the savvy stylist also makes sure his client is head over heels for the dress — and happy with the overall look before the big day. “I try to avoid last-minute changes by making sure that at the fitting, the client is 100 percent happy with the options we have,” Goreski says. “That’s why we choose shoes, bags etc. at the fitting.  The last thing I want is for my client to second-guess what she wants or to wish she was wearing something else.”

Be prepared. For red carpet events, Goreski always comes prepared for unexpected wardrobe snafus. “There’s always things that come up – zippers break and you have to sew things back on and get stains out,” the stylist says. “So we come armed with a kit, so we’re ready to take on any challenges that arise.”

Remember your best accessory. The finishing touch to make any red carpet-worthy look? Believe it or not, it’s not the dress or jewels. “I believe your best accessory is your smile,” Goreski says.  “A bright smile is absolutely the finishing touch to any look,” the devotee says. “Whitening your teeth has really become part of everyone’s pre-red carpet regimen.” Luckily, you don’t need a Hollywood budget to get a great smile.  Goreski is such a fan of Colgate Optic White, that he’s signed on as the spokesperson for the at-home teeth whitening treatments.

Now that you know the secrets stars pay Brad the big bucks for, check out his new website, Mr.BradGoreski.com for more styling and beauty tips and tricks.



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