Dominic Monaghan Stands By Twitter Comments on Former ‘Lost’ Costar Matthew Fox: ‘I Don’t Say Things That Are Unintentional’ (VIDEO)

When Dominic Monaghan writes something on Twitter, he means it.

Earlier this summer, the 35-year-old actor slammed former Lost costar Matthew Fox, writing that he “beats women.” Monaghan’s post was in response to a fan’s request to have him convince Fox to be more active on Twitter.

Four months later, Monaghan is still sticking by his words, and the power of 140 characters.

Celebuzz caught up with Monaghan on Saturday at the BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea event in West Hollywood.

“I’m not going to continue to add any fuel to that fire, but I don’t say things that are unintentional, why would I do that?” he told us.

What else did the English actor have to say about Twitter?

“I didn’t realize the immediacy of the medium [of Twitter]. I thought it was something like Facebook,” he admitted on Saturday.

“Twitter is like a blast of information, you blast everyone immediately . . . it’s a fantastic medium and I love it.”

Monaghan, who bid farewell to the Lost franchise some two years ago, told us he still keeps in touch with some of his former cast mates, including actress Emilie de Ravin.

Can viewers expect a future guest spot on de Ravin’s current ABC series, Once Upon A Time?

“Maybe, I do like Once Upon A Time and I know those guys, you never know,” he said.

For more of our interview with Dominic Monaghan, watch the video above.