Heidi Klum vs. Angelina Jolie: Whose Leg Is Sexier? (POLL)

It seems Angelina Jolie's right leg has quite a following.

Earlier this year, the actress set the 2012 Academy Awards abuzz when she stuck out her right gam on the red carpet. And at Sunday night's Emmys, the move was out in full force as many leggy ladies followed suit with thigh-high slits.

Jena Malone, Giuliana Rancic, Alexandra Breckenridge and Maria Menounous all put their pins on display.

But who was Jolie's biggest leg-flashing contender?

None other than Heidi Klum. The Project Runway host flashed her supermodel stems up-to-there in an Alexandre Vauthier creation.

“I love the color, I love the cut...[and] I like a high slit,” Klum told Ryan Seacrest on the E! red carpet show. And she must mean it, as the model-turned-desinger was rocking not one, but two slits on her low-cut sea-form green down.

See what Klum had to say about her style choice, below -- and be sure to vote in our poll.

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Find out which other stars stunned on the red carpet, below.

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  • thussaiththewalrus

    Christopher: Are you trying to write "Angelina?" (You wrote "Angila" who is not pictured.) Are you trying to write "voluptuous?" (You wrote "voluptuois" which is not a word.) Are you saying that "Angila" has a sexy woman hands down? (That sounds like rough lesbian sex.) Perhaps you could write a complete sentence and check your spelling, and then your comments might make sense! Incidentally, Angelina appears to be constructed of bleached white sinew, stretched over a frame. Heidi is a healthy woman with real flesh on her bones.

  • Christopher Edwards
    Christopher Edwards

    angila has the most sexy voluptuois woman in hollywood hands down

  • Butterfly55

    Got to disagree. If the Falling got it she would be able to get her own eye candy not go after someone who was with someone. Heidi did not have to do that. She a natural beauty with morals of a lady, not a alley cat or a b*tch in heat around a dog. Need I say more.

  • Butterfly55

    Actually, it's rebounding, take some time for you.

  • Butterfly55

    Heidi has it!!!!

  • jd

    HEIDI !!!!!!

  • Grace

    This is SO misogynist - these women are PEOPLE, not objects. yes, they go out of their way to be "sexy" and to attract attention, but that gives no one to the right to treat them as objects. Please. Treating ANY woman as an object treats every woman as an object. I'm just saying...think about it before you respond to one of these stupid objectifying questions...

  • jp

    heidi has a blind man could see that

  • Dyan

    Miss Heidi all the way....She is a stunnung lady, a beautiful mom and I admire all she inspires to be in the business world. I wish Heidi blessings as she moves forward with her life and family. I would love to work with a lady with her stye savvy way's not to boast however I have them as well so if you ever need help Miss Heidi due to your busy schedule I'am available and full of ideas to launch your jewerly line. It's wonderful and people need to know about it!

  • Martha McCloskey
    Martha McCloskey

    Heidi has the sexier leg, no doubt about it !!!!!

  • IMHO

    Part of looking good is being able to flash the leg "naturally". haha, Angelina looked very awkward as she obviously "posed'. In some shots it almost looked as if it must be a 3rd leg sticking out: NOT a sexy look. Heidi's leg, meanwhile is shapely, healthy and naturally posed. Angie's leg looks scrawny and "stuck on".

  • AlaBella

    Heidi, because she looks healthier than Angelina

  • brittany

    DEFINITELY, NO QUESTION, heidi's. angelina looks DEAD

  • Tia

    Heidi all the way.

  • Lisa

    I have to go with Angelina on this one!! She just oozz's more sex appeal and she has the best arm candy with Brad Pitt!!

  • Charles Mclaurin
    Charles Mclaurin

    heidi klum's leg isbetter than jolie's leg

  • tom226

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