Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Killer Curves in a White Swimsuit (PHOTOS)

whit hot kim!
Kim's Bikini Montage
Kim Kardashian Bikini Video
Peep Kim in all her bathing suit glory. Watch »

Summer is over but Kim Kardashian isn’t letting that stop her from stripping down for the beach.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star showed off her ample assets in a demure white one piece and accessorized with a gold belt to emphasize her slim waist.

Kim capped off her look with a long shirt dress for an overall for her beach day.

So where was she soaking up the sun?

Kim and her sister Kourtney -- who dressed down in shorts and a t-shirt -- were in Florida filming new episodes of their show, Kim & Kourtney Take Miami.

The 31-year-old – who will be celebrating her birthday in just a few weeks time – has only just returned from Australia where she promoting her family’s show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

While she was gone, Kourtney and her other sister Khloe were busy scouting for locations for a new DASH boutique in Miami.




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  • yepthatsme

    damn se is so beautiful and sexy

  • kim


  • kim

    The person's comment above... tsk tsk tsk ...So jealous

  • Wendy

    What's the difference if people are sick of them or not...they obvliously own this site since every time one of them cuts a fart there's a huge post about it on celebuzz, accmpanied by a 30-pic photo gallery.

  • Peggy Powers
    Peggy Powers

    They both look terrible! Enough of them already. Everyone is sick of them ALL!

  • Hannah Pearson
    Hannah Pearson

    I agree, NO WAY! I am the same exact size and I am a 5/7.

  • Michelle Elaine Petrillo
    Michelle Elaine Petrillo

    Who care About Kims curves or any of the rest of them in that family. Isn't there 15 mintes of fame over yet.? iI is for me as far as my interest goes. Why don't they donate some of there big earnings to a homeless shelter then maybe I would be interested in them & have respect for them.

  • castaneda

    She's a size 2? No way

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    yuh look goolly cute there...

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    Bay watch cute!

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    Bay watch cute!

  • yepthatsme


  • yepthatsme

    dan shes sexy

  • Ana Meneses
    Ana Meneses

    OMG hell NO kim... you look like if you were pregnant!!.. fashion police will kill you for these :(

  • Here2Opine

    Wow, no wonder she kept the cover on. Her hips and thighs are now as big as her butt!