‘L.A. Complex’ Star Jonathan Patrick Moore Talks Scienetics-Filled Season Finale

'L.A. Complex': 8 Things
We tell you 8 things to know before watching Season 2.
In two short seasons, the drama of The CW’s The L.A. Complex has managed to move extremely fast.

Characters like Abby (Cassie Steele) and Nick (Joe Dinicol) started out struggling personally and professionally but ended up getting big breaks they managed to screw up more than once. Kal (Andra Fuller) fell in love with someone else while still hating himself and went on a path of self-destruction before self-identification. Raquel (Jewel Staite) searched for fame at all costs, while Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) searched for a sense of family at all costs, the two unfortunately drifting further apart in the process.

With the second season finale upon us on Monday, though, current situations wrap up for a number of characters, while offering little hints at what could come in a potential third season. “Don’t Say Good-Bye,” therefore, is a meta-plea from the show itself for another chance, much the way the characters within it ask each other — and this industry — to do the same for them.

What does star Jonathan Patrick Moore say we should expect from The L.A. Complex’ second season finale?

Last we left Connor in The L.A. Complex, he was following his sister Charlotte (guest star Tori Anderson) down a rabbit hole of Scienetics, and as Moore previewed for Celebuzz, he will only find himself deeper in their debt. First because they help him when his past arson experience comes back to bite him, but also because they take his side when Charlotte crosses a boundary with him.

“Nobody’s ever really gotten to the root of the problem with him,” Moore said of Connor’s time before Scienetics.

“We see the Church of Scienetics really step in and take control of Connor because he could really spin out of control there,” he continues. “They really have to be very firm with him. He’s presenting a front that looks like he’s going to be OK, but he’s got such a mess in his wake, it’s probably going to come back around at some point.”

Connor has tried filling his void with a surrogate family before—from his fake relationship with Jennifer (Krista Allen), to taking Simon (Michael Levinson) under his wing at times. Moore pointed out that the happiest Connor has ever been when his sister turned up, so even when she makes her Very. Big. Mistake., he gives her the benefit of the doubt as he has done this whole time.

“He’s trying to get her back,” he admitted. “Basically Connor is wrestling in his own mind with what just happened and what she did, and he’s sure that she made a mistake, and we’ll talk about it, and we’ll be okay, and we’ll move on. But the Church of Scienetics has a different idea and doesn’t quite think that way.”

For the first time in his life, Moore believed that Connor was also actually on the path to being okay. Whether it is a false sense of security because he is detoxing and getting a clear head may be another story—to tackle in another season, though. “Don’t Say Good-Bye” has a lot of characters to service, with Kal making a tough decision about his dad and an even tougher declaration of his sexuality, Beth (Dayle McLeod) fighting for custody of her brother, and having both Nick and Abby take defining steps in their relationships, too.

And then there is Raquel who is focused on fundraising for her independent film, in which Connor is making a cameo. For the first time in a long time, Connor and Raquel are thrust back together, though not quite romantically.

“Early on in the first season, there were scenes where Connor had a bandage on his arm, where Raquel never once asked what that was about, and he never offered it. Up until now they don’t really talk about their problems,” Moore hinted at a key season finale scene shared between the two.

“But there will be a shred of hope!” He added for anyone who does want to see Connor and Raquel get back together. Even if he still has yet to learn he was almost a father…

Watch a preview below.

The L.A. Complex will air its final second season episodes on The CW on Monday starting at 8PM.

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