'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Aviva Drescher's Father Knows Less

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Aviva Drescher and Ramona Singer's feud intensifies on Monday's episode of Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode, “Don't Make Room For Daddy.”

The housewives may have returned from the St. Barths trip from hell, but the drama accompanied them back to Gotham. All the divas agreed it was high time Aviva let go of her feud with Ramona and Sonja Morgan, but that was one bone Aviva couldn't help continuing to pick!

Mrs. Drescher summoned Ramona to lunch. She was furious over a conversation La Singer had with her ex-husband, concerning Aviva's phobias. Ramona claimed she simply wanted to find out what Aviva's issues were, since Aviva had been completely out of line re: the verbal assault she unleashed on Sonja and her.

Does Aviva really suffer from phobias, or is she just too attached to her husband? Ramona wondered. Aviva lit into the blonde mogul, stating she should worry about her own issues -- namely Ramona's alleged drinking problem and her hubby's rumored lack of fidelity. Meow! A fed up Ramona retreated from their hostile meal, insisting all was right in her world, unlike Aviva's.

The biggest WTF moment happened at Ramona's charity event for victims of domestic violence. Sonja, Carole Radizwill, LuAnn de Lesseps and Heather Thomson were all on hand to support Ramona. Ms. Singer recalled her harrowing showdown with Aviva to the women. Ramona admitted she had given Aviva an invite to the event — prior to their dust up.

While Ramona was certain Aviva wouldn’t show, she said if she did, she'd welcome her. After all, it was for charity!

The women were shocked when George, Aviva's dad, arrived with a check on his daughter’s behalf, and a few choice words for Ramona! George let Ramona know it wasn’t nice of her to belittle Aviva's phobias. When George said Aviva deserved an apology, Ramona balked at his suggestion.

Instead of a mea culpa, Ramona launched into a recitation of all the heinous things Aviva had said about her and Sonja. As the pair continued to bicker about who owed who an apology, George made the huge boo-boo of grabbing Ramona’s arm to gain her attention. A frazzled Ramona demanded George take his check and hit the bricks! Maybe, George had better luck convincing the security guards, who tossed him out, that his little girl deserved an apology?

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Sonja finally deciding to move on from her ex-husband by taking his picture down.

Thank you, TV gods.: All the women agreeing  Aviva was out of line for sending George to the event.

Awk-ward: Aviva's dad remarking, "Incest is the bestest." How gross was he?

Hotness: The gowns the models showcased at the event. Très chic!

Fab-u-lous: The ladies were all knockouts at Ramona's charity event.

Can. Not. Wait.: I'm excited for the explosive season finale next week. Can you say "Dra-ma?"

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

Was Aviva wrong for sending her father to the event? Tell us in the comments.

– Jillian Bowe

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  • nutsaboutdaisy

    I am no fan of a Ramona, but Aviva is a bully and hits below the belt. How is she ever going to explain her behavior to her children when they see this when they are older. She should be so ashamed of herself for acting the way she does. And she should be embarrassed by that perverted father of hers. Yuck!!!

  • designernails

    Alex, Love your hair like this.

  • Gaspar Marino
    Gaspar Marino

    A comment on LuAnn's interview on the Insider...as Shakespeare said..."the lady doth protest too much".

  • Gaspar Marino
    Gaspar Marino

    Yes, A few weeks ago Aviva made a big fuss about Ramon and Sona not attending and supporting her amputee charity and this wee she does even worse by sending her rude and lewd father to Ramona's charity. If she wanted to be the bigger person, she would have gone there with the check herself. I liked her in the beginning, but now question all her actions. She seems to think that her phobias and her disability will keep her above the frey and entitles her to say and do whatever she pleases. Aviva, darling that way of thinking just aint so!

  • pat

    Aviva and her father are the white trash. Her father is so disgusting and she is so self absorbed. Please Bravo, take Aviva and her perverted father off of this show. i am on team Ramona, also.

  • Tina Fuller
    Tina Fuller

    Ramona had EVERY right to toss Avivas Father out of her fashion show! It was a VERY classless act on her part! Ramona has always been the one whom I thought was totally insane and so into her self, but now Aviva has taken that title as far as I am concerned! LOVE LOVE LOVE Heather ~ She doesn't take ANY crap and Carole is just adorable! I really liked Aviva at first, but now I just want her to STFU and I am sooooo tired of her Phobias!!! I totally agree with Ramona, her main phobia is she can NOT be without Reed~ And thats fine but she should own it and stop going on and on and on about all these other things she is afraid of! OWN YOUR STUFF, AVIVA!!!! And even though I don't care for Ramona at all, I do love Sonjia and her calling them "White Trash" is HER being totally classless!!!!! Never thought I'd say this, but I am team Ramona all the way on this one!!!

  • Wendy

    I have never cared to much for Ramona but Aviva..... I would never want to "hang out" with her. Total Bore!!!! When she speaks everyone is to listen or she looses it. You are not everyones boss lady, get over yourself!!!

  • Alicia

    In my opinion, Aviva was wrong for sending her father to Ramona's charity. She was being a manipulative coward. Her actons are far from entertaining.