Beyonce Sparks Pregnancy Rumors in Form-Fitting Frock (PHOTOS)

Does Queen B have another bun in the oven?

That's what swirling reports are suggesting after Beyoncé sported a form-fitting frock at her and hubby Jay-Z's end-of-summer soiree at waterside restaurant La Marina in New York City.

In her body-hugging, leopard-print Roberto Cavalli creation, Beyoncé's typically flatter-than-flat belly was not quite washboard-flat, sparking overzealous speculation online that music's super couple could be expecting another child.

But do Jay and Bey — already parents to 8-month-old Blue Ivy — really have another bundle of joy on the way?

Despite the alleged barely-there baby bump, details of Beyoncé's Sunday evening activities cast doubt on any possible pregnancy.

The fete was sponsored by Bacardi’s D’usse Cognac — a beverage endorsed by Jay-Z — and Beyoncé joined the rest of the party in sipping cocktails made with the liqueur throughout the night, casting doubt on the pregnancy rumors.

All unsolicited baby bump betting aside, the star-studded bash — where attendees like hip-hop artists Swizz Beatz and Memphis Bleek puffed on cigars — was  Jay and Bey's second NYC shindig within a week. The couple hosted a $40,000-per-head fundraiser for President Barack Obama at the rapper's 40/40 club on Sept. 18.

Take a look at Bey at the Sunday night bash and weigh in: Do you think she looks pregnant? 

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  • Miss Truth Hurts
    Miss Truth Hurts

    STFU c.u.n.t Every DOES know that!

  • Shewolf Herrera
    Shewolf Herrera

    The comments were made to get your attention. But frankly many people could give a darn. I was pretty mad the other day how they were utterly talking some pretty mean stuff about Christina Aguilar for being fat, I mean the comments were outright mean and ugly that I refuse to go to the Wonderwall site ever again. I rarely ever go out to a celebrity site, because frankly. That is not a real and happy life for them to be followed around and surrounded by handlers all day.

  • Meghan

    She looks fierce for having a baby eight months ago. These comments are just a slap in the face to women who already work there butts off too loose baby weght. All moms know how hard it can be. Get off her back!!

  • brikate13

    That was by far the stupidest rumor I've ever heard.

  • sagebrush55

    This would be her first pregnancy.. Everyone knows that..

  • Michela

    maybe, people who have no lives but to make up rumors about other people...MAYBE she just didnt lose all the baby weight yet?!?! it is PERFECTLY normal for a woman, a MOTHER, to have a little pouch there...she only had her baby friggn' eight months ago!!!!!!