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Kourtney Kardashian unveils new photos from her upcoming beauty line with sisters Kim and Khloe. She writes on her blog:

So excited to reveal the shots from our Khroma Beauty shoot! Launching a cosmetics line is a dream come true for my sisters and I and we could not be more excited to share the amazing products with you guys. I just know you’re going to love them!

It was really important for us that the products were of a high quality, with an affordable price point and I think you’ll all be really happy with the line.

Starting this holiday season our line of luxury lash products, Lash Dash, will be available in stores, followed by many more great products in early 2013.

You can sign up on the Khroma Beauty website to be the first to know when Khroma Beauty goes live!!

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  • Lennox

    From a distance, I thought Khloe was Kendall!

  • Cinthya Madeleine Bazan
    Cinthya Madeleine Bazan

    So ! Amazing !

  • Neli

    where could i find these?

  • hmm

    LOL. They all look horrible, and yet people eat it all up. Amazing.


    so cutee kimie you all beautiful my dears love you kimye i love kloe so much also i can't wait to see you in UK

  • Kristen

    This is awesome! Way to go girls :) Great way to really emphasize your core brand equity!

  • lizzy

    looks very nice and simple i like it

  • Maryjane

    where can you buy these?

  • wonderfulworld94

    stunning! <3