‘Married to Jonas’: The Brothers Hit the Studio and Kevin Jonas Is Out of Tune (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'Married to Jonas' Dina Q&A
Dina Deleasa talks fans and her sister's rock star marriage.
Pop star Kevin Jonas and wife Danielle have made some big life choices revolving around his musical career.

And Celebuzz has a sneak peek at how it’s affecting the pop star.

Spending time away from family and holding off on having a baby are just a couple of the decisions they’ve wrestled with on their E! reality series Married to Jonas.

With all that’s at stake with his relationship and career, is Kevin up to the challenge?

Celebuzz has an exclusive look at the next new episode as Kevin returns to the studio with his brothers and finds he’s having a hard time getting back in tune.

Meanwhile on the homefront, there’s some tension between Kevin and Dani. Plus, the pop star’s wife is giving all she has left to orgnanizing her sister’s graduation party.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek above.

Married to Jonas airs Sundays at 10 PM on E!.

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