‘New Girl’ Star Max Greenfield Talks Season 2, Penis Casts, Parker Posey and Cece (EXCLUSIVE)

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On FOX’s breakout hit New Girl, Max Greenfield plays Schmidt, a guy who was probably voted “Most Likely to be Shirtless at Any Given Moment” in high school.

But it’s Schmidt’s lack of modesty that has made him one of television’s funniest characters. After all, it’s not every day that a guy throws a “penis cast removal party.”

“First episode, it’s off. He’s back!,” Greenfield told Celebuzz. “Thank goodness. That needed to happen. But it’s off and he’s a free man again. And that’s a good thing for everybody.”

That is, everybody except for Parker Posey.

The Party Girl actress will guest star on the Season 2 premiere episode, entitled “Re-launch,” as a shot girl at Schmidt’s penis cast removal party. And, of course, with his nether regions now diaper and cast-free, Schmidt is looking for some action.

“When someone like Parker Posey steps on the set, the sparks are flying before anything is even lit,” said Greenfield. “He’d be a fool not to try something.”

And yes, this means that Schmidt’s and Cece’s (Hannah Simone) awkward-yet-adorkable relationship is over… for now. After his attempt to “White Fang” her on the Season 1 finale, it looks like Cece called it quits.

“He’s a free man in every sense of the word now,” said Greenfield. “And it’s going to get truly scary for everyone else involved.”

Watch out, ladies! Schmidt is back on the prowl.

Though he may not always be thankful for Schmidt’s “no shirt, no problem” philosophy, Greenfield is extremely grateful for the show’s success, especially among A-list “movie people.”

“It’s crazy,” he said. “It was nuts when we went to the Golden Globes, and you have all of these fancy movie people sitting in the middle. And then all of the sudden, you’re going to bathroom and Rob Reiner is, like, right next to you, saying ‘I love your show!’ It’s like, what is happening? It’s all very surreal.”

Meanwhile, in between his hectic shooting schedule and creative side projects, Greenfield has also turned Schmidt into a viral internet sensation. Back in April, the actor went rogue and posted a workout video featuring his character Schmidt. Are there anymore spontaneous Schmidt videos in Greenfield’s future?

“I have a couple of ideas,” he said. “We’ll see what happens. My only problem is that I’m so busy with the show, I literally don’t know when I’ll have the time to do it. But we’ll see!”

New Girl Season 2 premieres Tuesday at 8 PM on FOX, followed by new show Ben and Kate, then another all-new episode of New Girl at 9 PM.