‘Parenthood’s’ Jason Ritter Talks Ray Romano, Plus Mark and Sarah Shacking Up (VIDEO)

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As per usual, NBC’s drama Parenthood is heading straight into the most complicated familial entanglements.

Celebuzz spoke with star Jason Ritter at BAFTA’s TV event over the weekend and he gave us an idea of where things were heading on the show.

“It’s a really great season so far,” he told us. “I’ve only read up to Episode 7 but already I’m in for the ride.”

What’s that ride like for Ritter’s Mark and Lauren Graham’s Sarah?

Ray Romano is playing Sarah’s new (and very opinionated) boss on the series and he already thinks that Mark is a bit young for the mother of two.

“Ray Romano continues to be a thorn in [Mark’s] side,” Ritter revealed. “His sort of dynamic with Lauren Graham’s character sort of causes friction between us.”

Of course it does. But, keep a stiff upper lip, Mark-Sarah ‘shippers. The engagement seems intact for the foreseeable future as the two explore taking things to the next level. But, that too can become problematic.

“[Sarah and Mark] are talking about moving in and what that will mean for her son [for] who probably moving in with your teacher isn’t one of the coolest things to do in high school.”

Ain’t that the truth. Ritter also says that the family will be dealing with the repercussions of Kristina’s (Monica Potter) recently revealed medical diagnosis.

Watch our interview with Ritter above.

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10 PM on NBC.