‘Pitch Perfect’ Cast Supports Elizabeth Banks: Women Can Be Beautiful and Funny (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Nikki Finke upset many comedic actresses in Hollywood Sunday night when she blogged beautiful women can’t be funny. “Only women who grew up ugly, and stayed ugly…can pull off sitcoms or standups,” wrote the industry mogul after Julie Bowen’s Emmy win.

Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks then responded to Finke on her own blog, writing ugly or pretty has “nothing” to do with being funny.

At the premiere for Banks’ latest film Pitch Perfect in Hollywood Monday night, the cast and crew rallied behind Elizabeth in agreement:

“I think funny is sexy, so even if you’re not conventionally the most beautiful person if you’re really funny it ups your sexy points, honestly!” star Adam DeVine responded.

“Elizabeth Banks, not so tough on the eyes either and hilarious,” chimed in Skylar Astin. “I think one of the most attractive things in a woman is someone who has a sense of humor.”

Continued Astin:

I think Nikki Finke is a really smart woman and I trust her opinion on a lot of things, but I wonder why she made that assumption, because I don’t really agree.”

“That’s fantastic Elizabeth!” writer Kay Cannon said, adding she would “absolutely disagree” with Finke, citing Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as examples.

“What is beautiful?” pondered Kat. “Lets talk about that for a second!”

Readers chime in: are you Team Banks or Team Finke? Tell us in the comments.

Pitch Perfect hits select theaters this Friday, September 28 and nationwide October 5.

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