'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star Melissa Gorga on Teresa Giudice's 'Wacky' Behavior: 'We All Have Concern For Her' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is not ready to make nice with her sister-in-law and costar Teresa Giudice.

"I'm still so mad," Gorga admitted to Celebuzz during an exclusive sit-down interview.

The two had a very public falling out last year -- it aired during the season finale of the hit Bravo show on Sunday night -- when 40-year-old Giudice allegedly orchestrated a plan to publicly humiliate the mother-of-three by accusing her of being a stripper.

Though the debacle -- which the media has infamously dubbed "Stripper-Gate" -- happened over a year ago, Gorga said the betrayal feels as fresh as ever.

"The craziness of it all eats you up inside when you watch it again," she said, of the incident which involved Giudice pal's Kim DePaola at her Posche Fashion Show.

What else did Gorga say about the feud?

During the show's heated finale, tensions boiled over when Guidice pulled Gorga aside at the Porsche fashion show to ask how she knew Angelo Vrohidis, a man who claimed Gorga once danced for him at an Elizabeth, N.J. strip club titled Lookers Gentlemen's Club.

Gorga denied Vrohidis' accusations and later discovered that Giudice had more to do with the man's accusations that she had originally let on.

"We were really upset," said Gorga. "We were floored. Everything was perfect, so why is someone causing a commotion and why did they put this plan together to do this to me? I don't know. I didn't do anything to hurt her."

"I haven't done anything to hurt Kim D. So it was kind of shocking that they ambushed my like [that] and tried to expose me, or so they thought. They really didn't expose anything."

However, Giudice maintains her innocence, claiming that she had never met the strip club owner before the fashion show.

“I never believed Melissa was a stripper, but it just seems like a coinkie-dink,” Giudice said during the episode, after Gorga swore on her children she had never stripped.

"I know Teresa. I know her a lot better than everyone else does for an hour a week," Gorga responded to Celebuzz. "Why didn't she call me? Why didn't she call me when she was at that hair salon? And why isn't she made at Kim D... The guy Angelo was caught on the mic saying, 'Teresa and Kim wanted me to do this.'"

Since filming the finale, Gorga has only seen Giudice twice; the reality star said that her and her husband attended her niece Gia's birthday party, but "it wasn't a pleasant time."

The reality star also told Celebuzz that she's most saddened by the thought of her young children -- Antonia, Gino, and Joey -- being raised without their cousins.

"It's hard for them because if the moms aren't seeing each other, then the kids aren't seeing each other," Gorga said.

"It stinks. That's the part that makes me so upset because it was so good. Why would she throw a punch like this? It's because she's being selfish."

While Gorga remains hopeful that they can be a family again, she also admits that she's not ready to reconnect with her estranged sister-in-law.

"I think we just need more time," she said.

However, she does worry for Giudice.

"I think we all have a little concern for her," she said. "Obviously, the behavior is becoming a little wacky and we are all seeing it. And there's no denying it. I think we're all concerned about it."

Tune in for the explosive Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion Sun., Sept. 30 at 10 PM ET on Bravo.

For now, watch our exclusive one-on-one interview with Gorga in the video above.




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  • biggest fan
    biggest fan

    Are you guys for real!!! Melissa is classy. Teresa is an airhead. You can never talk any sense into Teresa. I couldn't deal with her either. How can she say she loves her family. Look Teresa don't you realize that bringing your brother's family down will only bring you down. I have respect for all the housewives except Teresa. They all have class and try to do what's right. Teresa is the poison that brings people down.

  • EWT

    Lauren is still fat, her face and legs. She like to EAT a lot. poor Vito.

  • EWT

    Lauren is still fat, her face and legs. She like to it poor Vito.

  • Noreen Kellar
    Noreen Kellar

    Good Riddens to Manzo and Laurita. The corruption is out the door with them. Praying for Jac's son, but hate the way she bullies like Caroline and allows Caroline to pull her strings.

  • Irene N.
    Irene N.

    Caroline being fired means her whole corrupt family won't be back. That is just beginning to sink in. Jacqueline too- her puppet-WOW.

  • Arthur Antonucci
    Arthur Antonucci

    Caroline , Jacqueline and kathy all fired. What a great day this turned out to be.

  • Anne Schaeffer
    Anne Schaeffer

    Lauren is on her way to becoming as big a bully as her mother Caroline. Hope she doesn't have kids coz would hate to see this hatred continue.

  • Norina Orlanda
    Norina Orlanda

    I for one would love to see Caroline and Lauren -one at a time- bullied by 4 people like Caroline at one time. They would run away with their tails between their legs.

  • Salvatrice & Raffaella
    Salvatrice & Raffaella

    People are angry at Tre calling the bully an old hag. When bullied by 4 and pushed in a corner, I say she did great not kicking her and saying much worse. How high school Caroline snapping your fingers in approval of Jacqueline. You and Jac too dumb to write with a thesaurus? That's obviosly what she did. Maybe you'll think of that next time you mean old witch.

  • Savena Veta
    Savena Veta

    I agree with Nicolina. That's what I would watch to hear about, not a bunch of bullies ganging up on someone. How Manzo is that.

  • Nocolina Gioacchino
    Nocolina Gioacchino

    I hope that the NJ housewives talk less about Teresa, and more about Caroline's debts, criminal husband, ties to the Mafia, delinquent kids, and bullying, as well as have Kathy answer for her blatant disrespect for Joe's parents, and Jacqueline's allowing Caroline to be her puppeteer, as well as Jacqueline's bankruptcy (which is NO different from Teresa's), on parts 2 & 3 of the reunion. That's what the public wants to hear about. Get on them about the truth about these things Tre!

  • Paola is happy now
    Paola is happy now

    So happy to read that caroline and Kathy were let go. Better late than never.

  • Sonja Pena
    Sonja Pena

    Where did Bravo did the Manzos up from???? Why????????????????????????????????? Send them back from to where they came from. THEY'RE F I R E D ! ! !

  • Lia Romano
    Lia Romano

    We agree with you Gisella and Agosta & Alfredo. It's not fair that the Manzo family makes us all look bad. It's a great thing that they were fired.

  • Gisella DiBernardis
    Gisella DiBernardis

    I have been weighted down knowing that Caroline Manzo claimed to be Italian. What a relief that she is not completely Italian and that she has been fired. I am proud of my heritage and don't need scum making a good nationality appear bad.

  • Fulvia Fusco
    Fulvia Fusco

    Caroline has been fired. No more needs to be said. Bravo did their job.

  • Gianna Firmino
    Gianna Firmino

    Why do Melissa and kathy want to be evil like Caroline? It makes no sense. Do they want to be hated like the Manzo's? That's incredible.

  • Agosta & Alfeo
    Agosta & Alfeo

    The Manzo's DO NOT speak for Italians. Real Italians despise them. They have no class and even less morals. It sickens us. We are a classy people with respect for what is right, for God and for all people. We are NOT Manzos.

  • Jeff & Ceil Gratliano
    Jeff & Ceil Gratliano

    I didn't know that Caroline was fired. That is the very best news. She makes NJ look like a white trash state. Her kids are sickening to watch too. Who hires strippers at a carwash? They have no values. No morales. No manners. No ethics. It's abhorrent. Al needs to come clean about his arrests, and being fired. They need to come clean about their debts and that they are selling their house and moving into an apartment for financial reasons. The boys need to stop coming up with failing ideas and to get real jobs. They need to try to make it on their own and forget about Caroline's family ties to the mob.

  • Amelia Pascarelli
    Amelia Pascarelli

    Thank God Caroline and Kathy were fired! We are thrilled and grateful! Glory be!

  • D. Tortelli
    D. Tortelli

    Melissa you should have stood up against Kathy and in favor of your husbands parents. Shame on you. Why do you need to act awful like the Manzo's? They were so beneath you.

  • Constance Cerulli
    Constance Cerulli

    Caroline doesn't in any way, shape, or form represent Italian culture. Thanks Teresa for pointing out that she is only a little Italian. We were getting scared that she might be all Italian and that would be desastrous for those of us good Italians.

  • Drucilla Cucci
    Drucilla Cucci

    Caroline is cruel and her children are taught to be bullies. Melissa you know Teresa did nothing wrong. You watched the show. You just want to hurt her to be on the good side of losers Caroline and Jacqueline!

  • Greg Hoffman
    Greg Hoffman

    Caroline is a big bully. Stop being her puppet!

  • jack

    Melissa, Stop acting like you’re so hurt. You bought this all on yourself. It was obvious by the look on your face you knew Angelo,so why lie…. You stripped,big deal, I just don’t know why anyone would pay you, you’re not hot at all, good thing you found a guy with low standards, or you’d be broke…………….

  • EWT

    Mellissa as soon the Guy confront you, it can tell on your face, you new him somewere? Leave alone Teresa, you just you are to turn the table. You were a dancer and now you are going to dance in the club, bar...somenthing Teresa and Gorga "KEEP YOUR PEACE"

  • EWT

    Melissa…Watergate…Strippergate….get it? Own it..we all have owr past. Don't blame Teresa because of your past. We Love Teresa, she talks up in front. Manzo/Jacline will not help you at all.

  • EWT

    I am a BIG fan of Teresa, she will tell you as it is period. Melissa, move on everything is out now face it, but don't involve Teresa, your husband love her, you can't separate them, please don't use her. Manzo and Jackline are boring, they just need attention. Be very carefuly don't gossip about Teresa with Caroline old lady can't stand her and Jackline is lonely..... Make a peace with Teresa to get success your marriege and relationship to your in laws.

  • EWT

    Mellisa you are rediclous own it dancer! Leave alone Teresa. you are taking advantage. Gorga love his Sister Teresa, you are a big issue to the family. Manzo are wird and ugly, they just need attention Caroline old lady need to stay home. Jackline evil and stupid. Go Terasa!!! We love you!!!

  • noelly

    you people need to google blog named - "famewhorgas" . they have some interviews with producers and behind the scenes info. THe source that was texting delusional Jacqueline - was a lady name Cat Rodriguez, she was in production but got fired just for this reason. (conflict of interests) . That Cat got very cozy with Manzo's, Gorgas and Wakilies. Lot if info on that blog , it all will make more sense to you. Kathy is not going to be on season 5. (yes!)

  • Housewife Fan
    Housewife Fan

    Correct me if I am wrong but wan't Teresa on this show first? Nobody forced Melissa into the limelight. She did it for her 15 minutes of "fame". She didn't care who would be hurt by doing this.

  • Matt

    "We never attacked Teresa" bullshit. the baptism & the danielle emails. stop playing the victim melissa. own something for once in your fucking life.

  • team jam
    team jam

    jealous much. Teresa and Kim met him 2 weeks prior the salon was a set up to show the public how concerned she was! and what did he do at the salon for 1 day? get ice cubes. please who hires someone for 1 day. Her sister in law has her brother which bothers her. A husband who loves and supports her. A personality. Melissa is awesome as is her husband. And didn't Teresa say not to believe anything in magazines? so who believes the apologies?

  • lexy007

    I totally disagree. haven't up noticed the attitude of Carolyn since last season? She has grown bitter, angry and trying to turn the whole family against Teresa. I believe Teresa was set up at the Poshe party and Kim B was behind the whole thing. Carolyn is controlling and definitely looks awful lately. Think her radio position has gone to her head. Teresa loves her brother and was growing closer to Melissa. Carolyn wants Teresa out completely. Noticed how Kim B winked at Carolyn & Jacqueline when she left the table? That was your sign. Also would like to know if Jacqueline was such a good friend why did she not tell Teresa who was texting her through the whole evening? I believe it was Kim B since she lives next door to Jacqueline.

  • alfonso

    Why are Teresa fans so gleefully vicious?

  • sasdhh

    Are you crazy? In the first season they were bullying another stripper. What's changed?

  • sasdhh

    theresa guidice, is that you?

  • Marisa

    Teresa is a b***h! She is the one that does not want her brother to be happy. She has a very unhealthy relationship with her husband and tries to displace that unhappiness on her brother's relationship. Melissa has been nothing but forgiving towards Teresa and I hope karma comes back to bite her

  • c

    you lie as well as you sing. Too bad that autotune does not make your lies more believable.

  • toni

    melissa you just dont want your husban close to his sister, thats why you and all the other ladys plan that set up so that teresa look bad.teresa is strong she can take all of you.

  • Lyn

    I at one time loved the show but since Melissa and Kathy joined the show its become a battle zone. It seems like they can say anything about Teresa and its fine but if Teresa replys with anything its wrong. Caroline has become a bully. Andy on the last reunion was one sided. I for one is done with show ..

  • Barb Aroneo Roach
    Barb Aroneo Roach

    MeHo grow up. You knew the guys name Teresa didn't. Teresa said you were a dancer YOU said stripper. If anyone should be mad and hurt it's Teresa. It's all on tape meho and you are wrong. You are not a star, singer or a dancer, you're a wannabe. You're children need a mother, try being one instead of running around, you will amount to a big fat zero. AND STOP YOUR FREAKEN LIES.

  • bubblegum

    Stop telling lies and go back to that dump Lookers where you belong. You ruined RHONJ.

  • Guest

    Melissa...Watergate...Strippergate....get it?

  • cat

    Melissa, Stop acting like you're so hurt. You bought this all on yourself. It was obvious by the look on your face you knew Angelo,so why lie.... You stripped,big deal, I just don't know why anyone would pay you, you're not hot at all, good thing you found a guy with low standards, or you'd be broke................


    Please stop playing the victim. Your smart, I'll give you that, you know how to play for the camera, but you come off as conniving and manipulative. You want your husband's relationship with his sister EXACTLY as it is now. You are so far from a real housewife and mother!