‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Star Melissa Gorga on Teresa Giudice’s ‘Wacky’ Behavior: ‘We All Have Concern For Her’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

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Was Melissa Gorga a stripper?
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is not ready to make nice with her sister-in-law and costar Teresa Giudice.

“I’m still so mad,” Gorga admitted to Celebuzz during an exclusive sit-down interview.

The two had a very public falling out last year — it aired during the season finale of the hit Bravo show on Sunday night — when 40-year-old Giudice allegedly orchestrated a plan to publicly humiliate the mother-of-three by accusing her of being a stripper.

Though the debacle — which the media has infamously dubbed “Stripper-Gate” — happened over a year ago, Gorga said the betrayal feels as fresh as ever.

“The craziness of it all eats you up inside when you watch it again,” she said, of the incident which involved Giudice pal’s Kim DePaola at her Posche Fashion Show.

What else did Gorga say about the feud?

During the show’s heated finale, tensions boiled over when Guidice pulled Gorga aside at the Porsche fashion show to ask how she knew Angelo Vrohidis, a man who claimed Gorga once danced for him at an Elizabeth, N.J. strip club titled Lookers Gentlemen’s Club.

Gorga denied Vrohidis’ accusations and later discovered that Giudice had more to do with the man’s accusations that she had originally let on.

“We were really upset,” said Gorga. “We were floored. Everything was perfect, so why is someone causing a commotion and why did they put this plan together to do this to me? I don’t know. I didn’t do anything to hurt her.”

“I haven’t done anything to hurt Kim D. So it was kind of shocking that they ambushed my like [that] and tried to expose me, or so they thought. They really didn’t expose anything.”

However, Giudice maintains her innocence, claiming that she had never met the strip club owner before the fashion show.

“I never believed Melissa was a stripper, but it just seems like a coinkie-dink,” Giudice said during the episode, after Gorga swore on her children she had never stripped.

“I know Teresa. I know her a lot better than everyone else does for an hour a week,” Gorga responded to Celebuzz. “Why didn’t she call me? Why didn’t she call me when she was at that hair salon? And why isn’t she made at Kim D… The guy Angelo was caught on the mic saying, ‘Teresa and Kim wanted me to do this.'”

Since filming the finale, Gorga has only seen Giudice twice; the reality star said that her and her husband attended her niece Gia’s birthday party, but “it wasn’t a pleasant time.”

The reality star also told Celebuzz that she’s most saddened by the thought of her young children — Antonia, Gino, and Joey — being raised without their cousins.

“It’s hard for them because if the moms aren’t seeing each other, then the kids aren’t seeing each other,” Gorga said.

“It stinks. That’s the part that makes me so upset because it was so good. Why would she throw a punch like this? It’s because she’s being selfish.”

While Gorga remains hopeful that they can be a family again, she also admits that she’s not ready to reconnect with her estranged sister-in-law.

“I think we just need more time,” she said.

However, she does worry for Giudice.

“I think we all have a little concern for her,” she said. “Obviously, the behavior is becoming a little wacky and we are all seeing it. And there’s no denying it. I think we’re all concerned about it.”

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For now, watch our exclusive one-on-one interview with Gorga in the video above.