The Daily Buzz: Lady Gaga And Demi Lovato – Hollywood Fights Back Against The Weight Debate (VIDEO)

Hollywood’s top stars are fighting back — don’t call us fat!

Pop icon Lady Gaga has today come out swinging against criticism over her weight gain.

Stripping back all her usual pageantry, Lady Gaga posed for her most honest photo shoot yet.

Using no photoshop and avoiding faltering poses or soft lighting, 26-year-old Gaga has striped down to her underwear to reveal how she really looks on her website to start what she is calling a “Body Revolution”.

And she is not the only one.

X Factor judge Demi Lovato also opened up to Katie Couric about her eating disorder struggles.

The 20-year-old’s open interview led to a surprising confession from the famous talk show host.

Couric revealed she too had battled bulimia while in college.

Our expert panel examines the impact of these famous women sharing their stories.

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Resident fashionista Kristin Koch says it’s all about getting the right color into your wardrobe and adding a touch of leather.

Plus TDB welcomes one of the rising stars of the new comedy Pitch Perfect live in our Hollywood studio for an exclusive interview in today’s episode.