Celebrity Baby Names: What the Monikers Mean (GALLERY)

A brand-new Hollywood baby boom is underway — and it’s spawning more bundles of joy.

With every arrival of the stork, celebrity parents play the name game. From sweet and sentimental, to outlandish and odd, to meaningful and matchless, stars bestow a wide range of monikers on their tots.

This summer alone spurred many brand-new famous little ones — and, in turn, many new celebrity baby names.

From Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell, to Snooki’s son Lorenzo, to Sienna Miller’s daughter Marlowe, Hollywood’s newest bambinos brought in a new wave of celebrity names.

But what do they all mean? Celebuzz is breaking down the real meaning behind the monikers of new famous offspring.

Find out the significance of Maxwell, Marlowe and many more in the Celebuzz gallery.

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