Giuliana Rancic Shares New Photos of Son Edward Duke, Reveals Hardest Part About Being a Mother (PHOTO)

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With four weeks under her belt, Giuliana Rancic says she's enjoying every single aspect of being a new mom -- except for when she has to leave son Edward Duke at home and go to work.

"The hardest part of being a mom has been leaving Duke," Rancic, 37, revealed in the latest issue of Life & Style, on stands Wednesday. "Being away from him is more difficult than I could have ever imagined."

"Saying goodbye, I started sobbing in Bill’s arms," she continued, referring to her husband, Bill. "I almost didn’t go."

Still, Rancic -- who welcomed Edward Duke on Aug. 29 via a surrogate -- says she's more than thankful for her husband, who has stepped it up in her time of absence.

“I love seeing Bill and Duke bonding,” she said. “There’s nothing sexier than a great dad.”

Edward Duke was born at 10:12PM in Denver, Colo., weighing 7lbs, 4oz.

Giuliana and Bill return for another season of their hit reality series -- the aptly titled Giuliana and Bill -- Oct. 2 on STYLE.

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  • nzgirl

    You are so right !! WHY would she even leave his side when she doesn't have to ?? ..... so sad and really disappointing to see her leave her baby, even though he's with his dad, to go back to work... crazy that she says in the media that she cried when leaving ? then WHY leave.

  • Ryanne

    He's only 4 weeks old!!!! She SHOULD be sobbing??? How can she go back to work after only four weeks and leave this baby SHE WANTED SOOOOOO BADLY.. Seems like she was more into the idea of saving a baby more than actually caring for this little precious life... Fame Is fleeting Giuliana,motherhood is forever.. Get your priorities in line!

  • bostongirl

    Motherhood comes first for her...unless there's an awards show... celebrity interview... or any opportunity to be on camera. Please, motherhood comes first when you're able to turn your back on these events and watch them on TV while holding, feeding or changing your baby!! That's TRUE bonding!!

  • cc

    The whole reason people go through scares in their lives,whether its cancer or an accident or infertility it is there to open your eyes.Sometimes infertility occurs because theres something in your life you are not paying attention too.Everything is put into your life for a reason.I know a mother who couldnt conceive.Until she began caring for other peoples children and becoming grounded again,she fell pregnant naturally 10 years later.If you still go to work after all these scares,then your experiences have not taught you anything.And if what you put first is important,you have to know whether it benefits the human race in anyway?Is your job providing change to the world in anyway that needs you to sacrifice the upbringing of your child that you yearned for so long.The world can do without celebrity gossip. People usually become changed or more appreciative after an ordeal.People who adopt,or who are gay are very much real parents to any child especially when they are caring from the start.

  • JJones

    Couldn' t agree more! All the months and ordeals she and Bill went through. And when the rubber meets the road? Her job comes first. More hipocracy by Mothers in this Country X4 decades. She can't even broker with her employer for formal "part time" work, for the true formative years - until age 5? THE MOST important years of a childs life that you will NEVER get back! They will be teenagers for 7 years and adults for decades, but Mom's and Dad's can't devote 5-7 years to a child's first years on this planet? This is just more of the same - Lip Service. "You VALUE what you give the most time and attention to." JJones, Salem Oregon

  • Ghost2u

    Then stay home with your baby Guiliana! I think you and Bill have plenty of money.