Karlie Kloss’ Ribs Airbrushed in Topless ‘Numéro’ Shoot (PHOTOS)


Supermodel Karlie Kloss -- and her ribs -- are sparking a new wave of controversy in the fashion world.

In the October issue of international fashion magazine Numéro, the 20-year-old can be seen looking sexy and seductive as she poses topless with her hands behind her head.

Now, American photographer Greg Kadel and his studio have released the original photo of Kloss -- showing jutting ribs and collarbones and confirming that the photo received a whole lot of airbrushing action.

This is not the first time Kloss has made headlines with a photo spread involving a questionable image.

In December 2011, Vogue Italia removed from its website an image of a then 19-year-old Kloss, who posed for an 18-page photo spread called Body by Kloss.

The photo, featuring Kloss in a bizarre, almost contortionist-like pose, was nixed after some suggested that it had been heavily Photoshopped, while others were actually celebrating it on pro-anorexia websites.

Weeks later, the magazine’s editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani wrote on her blog that the Photoshop accusations were far from accurate.

“Very few understand photography and don’t know about the viewpoint a body can be shot from. If the bust is imbalanced with respect to the pelvis and the picture is not frontal, the hips will look wider and the waist thinner,” she wrote, adding that Kloss was “not anorexic but has a muscular body with a rounded contour due to the muscles’ tension.”

Sozzani claimed that the photo was removed from the site “because I am aware of the fact that people can easily attach labels without thinking, so I believed I could avoid a pointless debate . . . the picture is beautiful and that’s all.”

What do you think of Karlie Kloss’ airbrushed photo in the ‘Numéro’ shoot? Do you think the magazine was right in hiding her ribs? Share your thoughts below.




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  • laurencoy

    um. do you girls even have ribs? or is that something godnever bothered giving all the greedy fatso's of the world. having ribs showing is perfectly healthy if you pull your arms up or pull your stomach in a little , whats not healthy is if you are so chubby you had to overstretch yourselvs to even find one rib. saying that tho i do think she is incredibly skinny but she also has good muscletone if you see her other pics.

  • Lynette Puello
    Lynette Puello

    How about if she just eats a lil so her ribs wont be sticking out like some malnutritioned poster child for Feed the Children and then she wont need the photoshop. J/S

  • khloe

    this girl is not naturally thin. i mean i'm very veery thin naturally and i don't even like that.. but my ribs or collarbones are far away from that picture. i think she's sick and needs help. and booking tons of jobs is NOT helping her.

  • mandy

    jennifer i think that PEOPLE SHOUDN'T HAVE EVEN HIRED HER FOR THE SHOOT. and of course they'd photoshop it because its just a scary picture, and the editor said she has an "athletic body"? she's not fit at all in my opinion i feel sorry for her body.

  • Jennifer

    I get that people have real problems with anorexia and whatnot, but if they didn't photoshop it, it looks just that much worse. What if a young girl saw that and had the thought that "Oh she's pretty, I have to be like her", and might actually become anorexic/bulimic. Granted she is pretty, she needs to be so in a healthy way.

  • carla

    this is just disgusting AND SO FAR FROM HEALTHY.