'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Star Teresa Giudice Admits She 'Needs Help' After Reality Show Breakdown

Teresa Giudice
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Love her or hate her, Teresa Giudice is one of reality TV's most talked-about personalities. This season on Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Guidice's erratic behavior left viewers split. However, her fellow Real Housewives all agreed on one thing: They want nothing to do with her.

The tension from the explosive season finale finally boiled over in The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special, which left Giudice emotionally distraught.

"I said to myself I wasn't going get upset, but I couldn't help it," she told In Touch. "After the taping was done, I broke down. I started crying and I couldn't stop."

What else did Giudice have to say? 

"I'm not conniving and manipulative," said Giudice, referring to her estranged sister-in-law and castmate, Melissa Gorga.

However, Gorga feels differently. “I’m still so mad,” Gorga admitted to Celebuzz during an exclusive sit-down interview.

During the show’s heated finale, tensions boiled over when Giudice pulled Gorga aside at the Porsche fashion show to ask how she knew Angelo Vrohidis, a man who claimed Gorga once danced for him at an Elizabeth, N.J. strip club titled Lookers Gentlemen’s Club.

Gorga denied Vrohidis’ accusations and later discovered that Giudice had more to do with the man’s accusations that she had originally let on, which is the reason why, more than a year later, the two are still on non-speaking terms.

However, instead of taking some of the blame for her family's friction, Giudice is pointing fingers at the reality cameras. "We've never gone without speaking until we were on a reality show together," said Giudice. "This is exactly what I didn't want."

Hear Gorga's side of the story, below.


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  • Kuulei

    Melissa is a very loving giving woman maybe, one of us can see better and threw people and not pass judgement.

  • Kuulei

    I think you need help.

  • union hard
    union hard

    mellissa is a bitch she is so fake

  • union hard
    union hard

    love you teresa im on your team gurl caroline is a bitch

  • housewifecritic

    you're a fool

  • housewifecritic

    To everyone bashing Caroline Manzo- I would consider taking a serious look inward at your own life if you interpret Caroline as anything other than a classy level headed woman. For you to believe that Caroline is jealous of Teresa would lead me to think that you must be just as egotistical and delusional as Teresa. Not to mention an idiot- let's assess the facts here: Caroline has the most supportive loving family. Teresa has a jerkoff husband who disrespects her on national televsion while Albert and Carolines kids worship the ground she walks on. Teresa gets cheated on, Caroline gets a new car. Caroline's children respect her - Teresa's kids are snotty brats even after considering their age. Caroline has it all. She's a beautiful woman aging gracefully. News flash Teresa - beauty is fleeting. Clearly all the work you've had done on yourself hasn't saved your marriage. Meanwhile you out Caroline for having a tummy tuck years ago and needing to have more work done... yet Caroline's happy with herself and her husband clearly adores her. Caroline doesn't deal with crazy, nonsensical women which is what Teresa has evolved into. Listen Teresa used to be my favorite but she's made it impossible for me and many other fans to continue supporting her. If you do... go ahead. But to say that Caroline would ever be jealous of the Teresa Guidice train wreck is absurd. I feel sorry for her but she does it to herself.

  • Jade

    Caroline is a total bullying bitch. She is jealous of Theresa and treats her just awful. I truly believe Kim D and others totally set Theresa up! Melissa we all know was a stripper. Please.....a bar tender? She can't sing...complete fake! Also jealous of Theresa!

  • Emanuelle

    Yes yes all of you this publicity hungry cow is a saint and all the rest are the devils daughters!!!! Am absolutely shocked just how stupid, blind and pathetic you people are!!! A bunch of idiots come down to where we all live and find out for yurself how Mrs.Guidice really is I DARE YOU!!!!!

  • phynix

    I think mellissa is bitch, If she rich enough and why she needs to go to the show to compleate with her sister-in -law. she is complete fake,

  • Emanuelle

    Anyone who believes this lowlife, an absolute insult to the term of being a woman is more dilusional that this false human being. Anyone who thinks she does not get paid for her US stories are as naive as her cousin Cathy!!! What she did is a lie-packed, jealousy fueled disgusting behaviour of a soon to be divorced lowlife!! there are people in this world where we hope good things for, this one, this Teresa I wish not one good thing to happen to her. SHE IS PURELY DOING DAMAGE CONTROL!!!!!



  • Helen

    I hope godmother Caroline keeps her nose out of Gorga's family. She is a sneaky low down trouble maker. Nit piken every inch of the way. Nothing wrong with Theresa. she refelects all of the woman on NJ housewife show. each of them are nuts in their own way. will not be watching this anymore. My Mom lived in Paterson N.J. many years.never never did I know people this pathetic.