Sofia Vergara Talks Her Emmy Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘I Thought It Was Small’ (VIDEO)

While ABC’s Modern Family sweeped the Emmy Awards Sunday night,  Sofia Vergara’s rear may have gotten the most press the next morning.

The Colombian beauty tweeted on Sunday that just 20 minutes before the whole cast went on stage to accept the award for Outstanding Comedy Series, that her form-fitting Zuhair Murad teal gown had split. On Wednesday’s episode of Katie the actress discussed the mishap and was shown a video of herself dancing on the red carpet with Ryan Seacrest hours before the incident.

She told Katie Couric, “They’re very delicate those dresses. I guess now that you show me this Ryan Seacrest thing now I know where it came from – where it started ripping – it must have been there.”

“You’re not supposed to be doing those dance moves,” says Vergara.

What did her Modern Family co-stars think of the wardrobe malfunction?

The star realized her dress ripped when she got up to go take a picture with fellow cast member and Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Supporting Actress, Julie Bowen. Apparently her fiancé Nick Loeb and friend ran behind her to tell her.

“I had thought it was something small,” she said. “I never thought it would open the whole thing.”

When she saw her on-screen husband, Ed O’Neill, she said, “he was like, ‘Oh my god, this is bad.’”

The actress continued, “I sat through a whole segment. I wanted to fix it or do something because I had a feeling we were going to win. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go up there. I mean ‘How many times in my life am I going to have?’ I’ve already had three times but who knows how many more times I’m going to be able to experience going up there with my whole cast.”

After she was sewed into the dress underneath the stage, Vergara was good to go. Apparently the stitching held up well, as the actress was seen all over Hollywood at various after parties for the event.

Vergara also suffered a wardrobe malfunction prior to appearing on Katie, having ripped the original dress she intended to wear on the talk show.

With a revealed chest size of 32F, she says “I’m very proud of my body and the way I look. I’d be ungrateful to be saying, ‘Oh, I’m so mad to people just look at me and see my pretty face.’ I thank god for what he has given me and I take advantage of it.”

The Modern Family actress also talked about her role as Gloria on the hit comedy, the possibility of babies in her future and the wild parties she attended.

You can watch a portion of Vergara’s interview with Couric above.

Modern Family’s fourth season premieres Wednesday at 9 PM on ABC.

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