The Daily Buzz: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Hana Mae Lee Talks Rebel Wilson, Beatboxing and Being ‘Aca-Fierce’

Hana Mae Lee is certainly one of the breakout actresses in Pitch Perfect’s hilarious all-female ensemble, but she’s heaping praise on her co-star Rebel Wilson.

“Rebel is pretty amazing,” Mae Lee told Celebuzz on The Daily Buzz. “She’s funny, she’s smart. She plans out her improv. She’s an overall good person, which makes her so likable, not just on camera, but off camera as well. She has a beautiful face, where I just look at her, and I just want to go… [sticks her tongue out].”

Aside from her desire to make out with her Pitch Perfect co-star, Mae Lee also chatted about her “aca-fierce” beatboxing skills. 

In the film, Mae Lee’s highly soft-spoken character Lilly develops a very unique skill: beatboxing. The actress demonstrated some of her newfound skills in the Celebuzz studios; you can see them in the video above.

“I was coached,” she explained. “Before I was hired on this film, I could barely do a lick of beatboxing. So they taught me a lot!”

But before the actress and designer committed herself to acting, her parents wanted her to be in the FBI. She explained: “I decided I wanted to go into fashion design in New York, and [my dad] was like, this is the perfect time for you to be an FBI agent! You’re in the fashion business. There’s so much mafia stuff that happens! I was like, ‘Dad, I’m not going to join the FBI.'”

Pitch Perfect opens in select theaters this Friday and nationwide on Oct. 5.