The Daily Buzz: ‘Real Housewives’ Star Joanna Krupa Dishes On The Backstage Drama Plus, What’s The Secret Behind The ‘Modern Family’ Phenomenon? (LIVE)

The newest star of the Real Housewives of Miami Joanna Krupa is ruffling some serious feathers.

The one-time Playboy model Joanna Krupa is in The Daily Buzz studio to talk about all the rumors and all the drama happening in the tropical city.

Krupa dishes on whether her five year engagement off?  And, if she once again strip for the pages of Playboy?

Nothing is off limits today as she goes on the record about the backstage cat fights.

Smash hit Modern Family returns for it’s fourth season tonight after landing itself yet another bunch of Emmys on Sunday.

But what is the secret to this show’s popularity? The Buzz’s experts weigh in on its success, Julie Bowen’s Emmy winning role and whether Season 4 could mark the end of their now three-year-old celebration.

It’s now paved the way of shows like The New Normal which has been greeted with controversy. However, Modern Family has managed to dodge the same protests from conservative groups. Today’s Buzz asks why?

Also on today’s TBD, it’s a Heidi Klum blast from the past with never-before-seen sexy photos of the model emerging — and they are nothing like you would expect.

Plus, super stud Ryan Gosling spotted in Texas kissing a Hollywood leading lady. The Buzz reveal who she is in today’s episode.