‘The Middle’s’ Atticus Shaffer Talks Brick’s New Quirk and Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie’

ABC’s hit sitcom, The Middle, kicks off its fourth season Wednesday night with a one-hour special that will examine what exactly constitutes the “classic family summer.”

“Frankie and Mike want to have a tribute to what a classic family summer is like,” young Atticus Shaffer told Celebuzz, referring to his parents on the show, played by Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn. “So, through a course of events they try and get that to the Heck kids.”

So why a one-hour premiere for the half-hour sitcom?

“Apparently everyone liked that last year. Who would have thunk?” shrugged the 14-year-old who plays Brick, the youngest in a family of five.

Brick is known for his idiosyncrasies on the show, including his photographic memory and his fear of bridges. But, the new season brings a new quirk for him to cope with.

“It’s really cool for me cause I expected it to come and I didn’t expect what the quirk would be,” said Shaffer, giving away nothing. “When people see it, it will be really fun. I think it’s a great message and a great way to inspire a new generation.”

Shaffer, who also provides the voice for Edgar Gore in Tim Burton’s new animated movie Frankenweenie, hinted at a Halloween episode but not any time soon, even though the Season 3 episode entitled “Halloween II” was the most watched ever for the sitcom.

“There will be an episode, but not in depth into Halloween,” said Shaffer. “The comment is even being made that Halloween is not fun anymore and I can see why with all these crazies out there.”

And how will Shaffer celebrate Halloween this year?

“Where I live, you stay at home and protect your property,” he groaned. “That’s Halloween at my house. I do dress up just because it’s an excuse for being able to dress up. So this year, it’s probably an eyepatch, a cape and kilt.”

The Middle airs Wednesdays at 8 pm and catch Shaffer in Frankenweenie in theaters October 5.