Tina Fey Channels Audrey Hepburn on ‘Entertainment Weekly’: Other Stars Who Have Donned the Look (GALLERY)

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Audrey Hepburn’s iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look has been recreated countless times on the red carpet, TV sets and fashion shoots over the years, thanks to stars like Natalie Portman, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Victoria Beckham and others.

The latest to join the club is Tina Fey, who appears in her Holly Golightly best on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, out this week.

On the cover, Fey, 42, can be seen biting on the tip of Hepburn’s signature cigarette holder, balancing a white cat on her shoulders, all while posing in a skin-tight black dress, complete with black gloves.

According to a preview released by EW on Wednesday, the cover story includes Fey’s musings on her Saturday Night Live career, her MPAA troubles with Mean Girls and of course, the ending of 30 Rock.

What did Fey reveal to the magazine about the show’s final season, which premieres in October?

Fey, who has portrayed Liz Lemon and executive produces on 30 Rock, told EW that the last season will involve a “sexual awakening” for her character.

Season 7 will also feature a Skype conversation between Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) and Ann Romney’s horse, and the return of guest star Matthew Broderick.

“I think it will be hard,” Fey told EW of 30 Rock’s ending.

But fans of the Saturday Night Live alum need not to worry — it looks like Fey won’t venture off too far when the series wraps in early 2013.

“I would love to get another TV show on the air someday,” she said.

For more of Tina Fey’s interview with ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ pick up the issue on newsstands on Friday.

Click through the gallery above for Fey’s magazine cover as Audrey Hepburn, along with other stars who have donned the classic look.