‘X Factor’ Hopeful Reed Deming Says He Isn’t a Justin Bieber Wannabe

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Find out what made the singer turn.
Reed Deming had a couple things going for him when he took the stage for FOX’s The X Factor auditions.

First, the 13-year-old bears some resemblance to pop superstar Justin Bieber. And while judge L.A. Reid may give the contestant some extra points for looking like the pop star (who Reid helped to discover), Deming would rather not be considered the new Bieber.

“I think pretty much every prepubescent teenage boy is compared to Justin,” Deming tells Celebuzz.

“It’s not a bad comparison, because he’s been so successful,” the San Antonio native continues. “I really do admire what he does. But at the same time, it’s extremely important for an artist to have their own identity and to be their own person. If you are a wannabe, you’re just imitating what somebody’s already done.”

What else did the singer say about the comparisons to Bieber?

Deming, who was delighted to discover that Bieber now follows him on Twitter, tells us there are several differences between him and the successful Canadian singer.

“I think our musical styles are very different, and our vocal tones are very different,” he says. “Our musical preferences are very different. He does a lot of very mainstream, pop music. I enjoy something with a little bit more depth to it, something similar to alternative rock, alternative pop, like Coldplay, One Republic, Sting, bands like that… bands that have a lot of lyrical depth in their songs.”

The other thing that went his way during that audition was when judge and executive producer Simon Cowell allowed him to do a second song after the first one didn’t work for the panel. “Simon saved my butt there,” Deming says.

He then scored the pass to boot camp by singing a stripped down version of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.” So, what is his game plan for getting through to live shows?

“Simon said the vocals had to be a hundred times better,” he tells us. “I’m going to make sure they’re 200 times better. Because of that, I think, I’m going to give it everything I can. I did the best I could’ve at that moment in time. I think that you just continue on, you show them why you belong, and you show them why you deserve to be there.”

The X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM on FOX.

Watch Reed’s audition again below.

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