Billie Joe Armstrong's Breakdown: 'He'll Be More Popular Than Ever,' Says HLN Host Jane Velez-Mitchell (VIDEO)

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Billie Joe's Meltdown
Family shocked by the Green Day frontman's meltdown. Read More »

Before checking into treatment for substance abuse, Billie Joe Armstrong's obscenity-laced, on-stage breakdown reaped quite a bit of backlash.

While wrapping up at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Sept. 21, the Green Day frontman unraveled into a profane rant as he complained the band’s set was being cut short. “One minute left, one minute f***ing left,” he exclaimed. “You’re gonna give me f***ing one minute? … I’m not f***ing Justin Bieber, you f***!” The singer then smashed his guitar on the ground before storming off the stage.

“It was over the line," said HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell, after addressing questions in Celebuzz's #AskJane video feature. "He had the meltdown, well, maybe not of the century, but it was pretty good, or bad, depending on your viewpoint"

The band soon released a statement to apologize for the incident, insisting their gig was not cut off by concert promoters and announcing Armstrong had headed to rehab.

So as the storm settles, can the public forgive Armstrong for his over-the-top rant?

"Of course," said Velez-Mitchell. But that forgiveness is dependent on one factor: "If he sticks with treatment [and] if he comes out sober," she explained.

Though the headline-hitting breakdown is still fresh on the public's mind, the repercussions can be tamed.

"They say in recovery — and I’m a recovering alcoholic with 17 years of sobriety — that there’s no mess you can’t clean up," Velez-Mitchell reasoned. "Maybe murder is a mess you can’t clean up. But this certainly is a mess that he can clean up"

How can Armstrong go about that?

"When he comes out of his treatment, he needs to stay sober and he needs to acknowledge that he crossed the line and did something that is very self-destructive and obnoxious," Velez-Mitchell said.

And that admission of guilt is Armstrong's cure-all, according to Velez-Mitchell.

"Everybody in America loves somebody who acknowledges when they’ve made a mistake," she said. "He didn’t hurt anyone. He just was full of rage. There’s a huge connection between addiction and rage. [But] the public will forgive him [and] he will be more popular than ever."

Do you think Armstrong will bounce back from this? Sound off in the comments.

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  • A. R
    A. R

    Hell yeah, he can bounce back! If anything, this just proves that he still has the guts to do something like this and he won't just go along with shit. Also he hates Justin Beiber which is awlways a bouns.

  • 77

    ah, no. i like that he gave the music industry a piece of his mind. punk has no rules or boundaries. he may in fact won back old fans because of his passionate actions.

  • Green Week
    Green Week

    I agree with She. This is the way rock is supposed to be. I am so tired of it being called a meltdown by you dummies in the media who know absolutely nothing about the band.

  • She

    It's called fucking punk rock. Get the hell over it! Has anyone in the media actually listened to Green Day's, or any other rock band's music? These bands drop the F-bomb and smash instruments regularly. I guess in today's bubble gum pop-filled music industry, very few of us remember real rock. God fucking bless Green Day for helping us remember when music had a soul.

  • Hot-Tim

    get outta here.. I loved him even more after the rant.. that was spectacular! I'm now gonna HAVE to see Green Day whenever they're in town!

  • Saint Jimmy
    Saint Jimmy

    Well come on hes been doing drugs forever so you gotta cut him some slack i wouldve done the same thing i woulda slapped the bitch that said Me THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD has one minute 60 DAMN SECONDS left to finish a song? HELL NO! drag that bitch over here so i can show everyone that HE wears a thong that will teach you not to give my BJA 1 minute to finish a song. if you guys agree I am on FB look For Shania Sebastian a pic of a guy with black hair.

  • whatsername

    Am I alone in thinking it REALLY wasn't that bad? I thought it was classic Billie Joe and I loved it. He will be fine after this. Uno rocks as I'm sure Dos and Tre will too.

  • Supporter

    Of course he will, he's not a violent or mean guy. This is the first time he's ever done anything like this and he's been in the industry for forever.