Christina Aguilera Mirrors Mariah Carey in 'Your Body' Clip (VIDEO)

Xtina Wants 'Your Body'
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Xtina's New Album Pic
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Christina Aguilera is on fire in the music video for her latest single, "Your Body."

The singer unleashes her inner bohemian bad girl in the video, which was directed by Melina Matsoukas. A newly released teaser shows Aguilera hitchhiking her way through the desert, hanging out with her girlfriends in a trailer park and even catching up on her favorite TV shows.

Then, Aguilera -- wearing a less-than-subtle "F*** the Paparazzi" t-shirt -- pulls a signature diva move and lights a trail of gasoline on fire, causing a car to explode in the background.

Does that scene look familiar? 

It should: it's almost an exact replica of the one Mariah Carey filmed for her "I Stay in Love" video in 2008. As for the hitchhiking part, Carey's been there, done that: she also thumbed her way through a desert -- in Vegas -- in "I Stay in Love." Beyonce, meanwhile, also had an exploding-car scene in "Crazy in Love" (2003).

"Your Body" is the lead single off the singer's forthcoming album, Lotus. This will be Aguilera’s first record since 2010′s underwhelming Bionic. The singer promises that Lotus will have a little something for everyone.

“Conceptually, I didn’t target one particular sound/genre,” Aguilera tweeted during a Twitter Q&A with her fans. “I made [music] that felt good.”

However, there's a reason why she named her album after -- as she described it -- "the unbreakable flower ... no matter the harshest of conditions, it still survives and it thrives through time." Finding the time to record the album wasn't easy. With her hectic schedule, Aguilera splits her time between filming her hit NBC show, The Voice, working on her music career and taking care of her 4-year-old son Max.

“It was really hard for me to sort of juggle everything. Being a mom, being on The Voice, which is crazy long hours," said Aguilera during an interview with Vevo News. "Every project I put my foot forward in doing I believe wholeheartedly, passionately in, so I can’t give anything less than 150 percent and we’re you’re going, going, going like that it’s a lot of work."

“Your Body” was produced by hit-maker Max Martin. Are you excited for Xtina’s new music? Sound off in the comments!




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  • tahoegeminii

    all this poptard trash is the same because all the same people make it and rehash it over and over. MeMe hasn't done anything new since Tommy and Sony were spending millions to promote her and even then she was just a Whitney wanna be-only thing new was MeMe was more of a stripper than a singer-now she isn't good for either

  • don

    i would bang her 100 times over omg so thick solid and hot body

  • Dale

    Um... not so much, Christina’s video is about a serial killer who kills the men she hooks up with, Mariah’s is about revenge on her ex. Maybe it might be a good idea to actually see the video in full prior to judging...

  • jack

    Forget the concept of the video Christina is on fire. I love her nice and sweet. Holla at me thickness.

  • Ivan

    Nothing's completely original today, and you're quite ignorant if you haven't noticed that ages ago.