‘Dancing With the Stars’ Kirstie Alley Sounds Off on Lady Gaga’s Weight Gain

Kirstie & Romeo Smooch!
Kirstie Alley shows Romeo love after 'DWTS' rehearsal.
Kirstie Alley knows how hard it is to handle media scrutiny over weight struggles.

The Dancing With the Stars: All Stars contestant is speaking out to support Lady Gaga’s, 26, efforts to start a body revolution – after the pop star revealed that she had gained 25 pounds in the past year.

“I say more power to her,” Alley confessed to Ok! Magazine.

What did the actress call Lady Gaga?

Alley added, “she is such a role model for millions o girls in the world and she should be whatever weight she wants to be and nobody should have to starve themselves.”

The Fat Actress star, 61, explained that “sometimes when you first come out in the industry and you have an image and you’re all skinny and you have all this fashion and you become an icon because you’re a stick and then – she gained what 30 pounds? Who cares!”

Gaga’s body revolution – which she started on her website on Monday – is exactly what young women need today, according to Alley.

“I think it’s good that she’s saying this and starting the body revolution. I know dancers and ballerinas and [they’re] expected to be shredded and skinny and there’s no way to do it naturally.”


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