Giuliana Rancic: 'My Baby Did Save My Life' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

New Lease on Life
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At not even a month old, Edward Duke Rancic is already a lifesaver — quite literally.

Giuliana Rancic credits her baby boy Duke — who she and husband Bill Rancic welcomed via surrogate on Aug. 29 — as the reason she survived her breast cancer.

"In many ways, my baby did save my life," she told Celebuzz at a Do It For The Girls breast cancer awareness event in New York City. "We tried for years to get pregnant. And [in the] last round of IVF, when we were trying to have Duke, is when I found out that I had breast cancer. So had we not been trying for this baby, I would have never found my breast cancer."

If not for her mission towards motherhood, Rancic imagines her life would be far cry from what it is today. "I probably wouldn't have gotten a mammogram until I was 40," she admitted. "I would be in a very different situation, and we'd be having a very different conversation right now, probably not as optimistic. So I look at that baby and think, 'God, one day I'm going to tell him this story,' and it's going to be pretty cool to tell him that story."

And her cancer survival has done more than change her own life — it's molded the type of mother Rancic is to Duke.

"I think it has affected me in many ways," Rancic says of her breast cancer battle, which included a double mastectomy and radiation. "I think I'm more resilient. I'm stronger."

"I think if I had not gone through the cancer," she continued, "every little thing that Duke did, like, 'Oh my god, honey, is something wrong with him?' or 'He tripped, he fell, let's bring him to the doctor.' I'm so much cooler now because I just feel like we're so resilient."

And even beyond motherhood, Rancic is relishing her new lease on life. "I used to be such a hypochondriac. I'm very scared of heights and airplanes. And Bill's very adventurous; he's like the opposite of me. He's like, you got to live life and have fun.... And because of it, he’s had amazing life experiences."

"I honestly haven't had as many adventurous experiences as Bill has had because of my fear," she confessed. "I've always had fears holding me back. And now that I've been through this I'm like, if I can get through breast cancer, I can get through anything."

And that mentality has given Rancic a new motto. "You have to live life — and sometimes that means getting a bruise," she concluded, "and I hope to pass that on to our son."

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  • Ana

    This thing should not be taken seriously & people should stop idolizing her. She is a hyprocrite & so ingenious. Her actions do not match her words. Here is a newborn, who not only saved her life but was a miracle child, & not even 3wks.have gone by since this child came into this world & she's off doing her career thing, can't even sacrifice a little for her son. Bonding w/a newborn for at least the first 6mths. is so important for a babies development & well-being, but from how she is comporting herself, just goes to show the only reason Giuliana wanted to have this child, was just to ensure Bill would never leave her, as she was well aware he wanted badly to have kids. She doesn't deserve to be a mother, when her priorities & choices are not her son but her career. She is a person who loves being the center of attention & is obviously addicted to the spotlight.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    ach this woman is a drama queen stop paying attention to her