Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Ending, Calls It A ‘Great Conclusion’ to Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy (EXCLUSIVE)

JGL On 'Looper'
The actor gets into character as the young Bruce Willis.
This summer, audiences walked out of The Dark Knight Rises scratching their heads after they saw Robin, one of Gotham City’s finest, standing inside Batman’s elusive Bat Cave.

For many fans of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, the ending seemed to play out like a set-up for a new franchise, one that focused less on the Caped Crusader and more on his trusty sidekick.

Was that the case? Not exactly, says the man who played Robin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

“I don’t really take the ending of the movie that way,” Gordon-Levitt told Celebuzz while promoting his new movie, Looper. “I think it’s just a really brilliant conclusion to that trilogy. To have a man other than Bruce Wayne in the Bat Cave speaks to themes that run through the whole trilogy, having to do with heroism and the fact that Batman is a symbol and more than just a man.”

Gordon-Levitt went on to to say that the ending was indeed scripted, adding that audiences would be wise not to jump to any conclusions.

“None of the characters in Nolan’s Batman trilogy are exactly like the comic book characters,” he observed. “It’s also its own kind of version of Catwoman and it’s also its own kind of version of Bane. I think this is a very Nolan-esque version of Robin. He’s not in tights, but he’s very much helping Bruce Wayne and Batman the whole time.”

On Friday, fans of Gordin-Levitt can catch him in Looper, a futuristic thriller in which time travel is made available illegally on the black market.

While promoting the movie, Gordon-Levitt was able to stretch his comedic muscles — and then some — by hosting another episode of Saturday Night Live.

Among the highlights: his opening monologue, in which he reenacted a stripping scene from Magic Mike.

How did he react to stripping down in front of a howling live audience?

“The thrill of knowing what you’re doing right now is going out to audiences right this second is unparalleled,” grinned Gordon-Levitt. “It definitely gets the heart going!”

Looper hits select theaters on Friday.