Kim Kardashian Parties with Midori in Santa Monica (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian, 31, was a vision in green at the Party with Midori event at the Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica, California.

The star's deep green, low-cut Gucci dress was definitely the fashion highlight of the night - and would have turned heads even if it didn't match the signature color of the party's sponsor to a tee (which it did).

Partygoers were treated to more than just a look at Kanye West's girlfriend, however.  The event also featured the "Midori Makeover Parlour" where men and women attending the party could get a full on makeover from top beauty experts on the spot.

What else happened at this cool party?

The party was also attended by Erin Wommack, winner of the Party with Midori sweepstakes held earlier in the summer.    Wommack got the red carpet treatment from Midori and was able to take advantage of all the perks available at the event - including rubbing elbows with Kim, Kris Jenner and other celebs.



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  • Thayna

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  • nyfla

    the dress is ill-fitting and makes her look like even more of a lard @ss. and since when did crushed velvet come into fashion? trashy as usual. hire a stylist already, you can afford one. if you have one, FIRE HER NOW!

  • Randy Don Holla
    Randy Don Holla

    You got your Moms gorgeous feature...