‘Pitch Perfect’ Star Rebel Wilson Reveals She Is Trying to Lose 55 Pounds

Hollywood newcomer Rebel Wilson has been winning fans thanks to her back-to-back film hits recently, but the Pitch Perfect actress is winning a very private battle as well, to lose weight.

In a series of video posts, the 26-year-old has revealed she has joined Jenny Craig and already lost more than 33 pounds.

The Australian funny lady  jokingly calls herself the “fugly duckling” who has now dropped enough weight that she is “really excellent” at the limbo and can chase after Channing Tatum.

The reason behind Wilson’s weight loss, however, is no laughing matter.

“Some of my dreams have been going really well on the career side, filming movies and TV shows, but the only thing that I feel has been holding me back is my size and how much I weigh,” Wilson said in one of her video blogs posted on Jenny Craig Australia’s website.

“No one dreams of being a fat person.”

Wilson breaks down in one of the video posts, when she describes reading a comment on the internet describing her as “morbidly obese”.

“It is really hurtful when you read comments like that,” a tearful Wilson said.

The adorable Australian actress also candidly discusses how her weight has held her back from finding love.

“I guess with being this size you kind of put yourself into the friend zone (as) you never think anyone will be attracted to you at this weight,” Wilson says.

“So you don’t really go out.

“I can be on TV and be in movies but I am so shy in real life.”

Wilson — who weighed 233 pounds at her heaviest — managed to lose 22 pounds in just ten weeks and has lost more than 30 since the beginning of this year.

While Wilson had to ease up on her wight loss to play the hilarious character “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect, she plans to drop more weight now the film has hit the cinemas.

But already 33 pounds down Wilson says she is feeling great — and ready to chase Magic Mike star Tatum.

“If i had to run e.g. like in an emergency situation, if i was lighting my own fireworks or Channing Tatum is at the end of the street and I just had to run, like pissbolt, I could do that now,” Wilson joked.

And staying true to her funny style there is also one more benefit.

“If I was in a plan crash and everyone was like ‘who are we going to eat?’ they might be less likely to eat me.”

To see Wilson’s weight loss blog go to Jenny Craig Australia. Her film Pitch Perfect hits select theaters on September 28 and everywhere else on October 5. Watch an exclusive chat to Rebel Wilson below and be sure to check out all our exclusive Pitch Perfect content.