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The question on every fan of Scandal’s mind: Who is Quinn Perkins?

On Thursday’s second season premiere, we get the answer as the ABC drama gives us all – well, maybe not all – the info on just who the most mysterious “gladiator in a suit” is. To recap from last season, Quinn was found at the scene of the crime of her sort-of murdered boyfriend Gideon (Brendan Hines).

With a past to hide, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) and Associates got her out of the mess and cleaned up the crime scene. Yet, not before US Attorney David (Joshua Malina) could realize something was up. During the final scenes of Season 1’s finale, we saw David bringing Quinn into their office, demanding to know who she really is.

Celebuzz talked to Quinn herself, actress Katie Lowes, recently to see where she thinks her character might be going this season and her reaction to the major twists on “White Hat’s Off.”

Note: Spoilers Ahead if you haven’t seen Thursday’s episode of Scandal.

Lowes tell us that even her jaw dropped when she read the script for the Season 2 opener. On “White Hat’s Off” we learned that Quinn’s real name is actually Lindsay Dwyer or actually you can call her the “maltov mistress.”

Before she became a member of the Pope & Associates team, she was accused of sending a bomb to her ex-boyfriend killing him and six others. Though she claims she didn’t do it, she ran and was somehow given a new identity. With piles of evidence against her, Olivia pulled her strings and was able to get her acquitted in the case.

What does she think Quinn’s mindset is given these huge developments?

“I think she’s pretty messed up. She’s gone through a lot in these eight episodes,” says Lowes. “It really calls on yourself as an actress because you’re like I’ve never been in any of these situations. I have to really do some research and figure out how to act like any of the things Quinn’s going through but she grows a lot this season. She’s changing a lot.”

As for the most insane twist the audience learned – that Olivia and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) are responsible for giving Quinn her new identity – we are still reeling.

When we asked Lowes if Quinn would be finding out that information herself this season, she said, “I think that whole back story is kind of what’s going to be looked at the entire 13 episodes so I think it’s part of this huge big conspiracy that none of us on the show even know what it is yet.”

Laughing, she joked, “Shonda [Rhimes] only tells us when we get the script so ask me in a month or so and it will be completely different.”

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.

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