‘X Factor’ Recap: Gene Simmons’ Daughter Sophie Strikes Out on Her Own — Sort of (VIDEO)

'X Factor's' Reed Deming
The singer says he's not a Justin Bieber wannabe.
FOX’s The X Factor auditions continued on Wednesday’s episode and the judges found that star power was more about quality than quantity – with a boost from an audition from a rock star daughter. Oh, and in case you didn’t hear the many times it was said on the episode, there were a lot of people at the auditions.

Kiss rocker Gene Simmons’ and model/actress Shannon Tweed’s daughter Sophie Tweed Simmons asserted that she wanted to make it on to the show of her own merit – without her name or lineage helping her out. That was a failed experiment.

It’s hard to judge her for having her famous parents come with her. At 19, it would have been possible but we’ve seen singers who have decades on her who brought their parents. It just felt strange that while she kept stating that she wanted to do this on her own, she had brought them with her and complained the whole time about others fawning over her father and pushing her aside.

But, does Sophie have what it takes?

This show is supposed to be about having that indefinable “it” thing that makes you a star. And let’s be real, being a rock star’s daughter does imbue a certain amount of “it” upon someone without really having to try.

But does she have the goods? Sophie did pretty well on Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love.” But, it wasn’t the kind of performance that I think would have had the chairs spinning around on NBC’s The Voice. But, because she had some talent, judge Demi Lovato seems to know her brother and she’s rock star royalty, it gave her the extra oomph to get three votes. Interestingly enough, judge L.A. Reid gave her a no. And while judge and executive producer Simon Cowell felt her voice needed some work, he saw something in the tone of her voice and allowed Sophie through. It’s hard to say she doesn’t belong in boot camp, but I don’t believe she’s the winner of this competition.

But, there were several people who don’t have any of the blessings and resources that Sophie has who have a real shot at Season 2’s prize.

David Correy, 26, for instance, is adopted. Unlike Sophie, he has no idea whether he comes from a musical family. His 14-year-old mother gave him up and he holds a belief that a singing career may somehow connect them. He sang a very spirited version of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are.”

Also, take 15-year-old Dinah Jane Hensen. Unlike the mansion we see Sophie lives in on the reality series Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, Dinah lives in a four-bedroom home with 20 members of her extended family. Yes, 20. And when she sang Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy,” she didn’t give up any moments in the song. In fact, L.A. told her she took it places even Beyonce hadn’t. She knows what that $15 million prize can do for her family.

Even Arin Ray, 16, who came in with some notoriety, pulled off what Sophie really didn’t in my opinion. He failed as a soloist but was good enough to be lumped into the kid pop group InTENsity, which was eliminated early on Season 1’s live shows. This time around, he had something to prove. Just like Sophie, he wanted to show that he could do it on his own. Unlike Sophie, he showed that he had put a lot of work in preparation for the audition and was pretty unrecognizable to returning judges Simon and L.A. Not only that, but he sang an original song.

I can’t say that any one of the above singers (or anyone else for that matter) deserved to be on the show more than Sophie. I do think that someone else could truly could use the win (and the biggest prize in TV) a lot more.

Watch Sophie’s audition again above.

What were your thoughts on Sophie’s performance? Who stood out for you on Wednesday? Tell us in the comments section below.

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