‘Looper’ Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Plus 7 Childhood Actors Who Made It As Adults (GALLERY)

JGL On 'Looper'
The actor gets into character as the young Bruce Willis.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has certainly come a long way from his days as a childhood actor.

After summoning angels in the outfield dealing with aliens on 3rd Rock From the Sun, the now-31-year-old actor has quickly transformed himself into one of Hollywood’s most unique — and, fine, adorkable — leading men.

In the past few years alone, Gordon-Levitt has built up quite an impressive resume, with roles in everything from (500) Days of Summer to Inception and this summer’s Batman epic The Dark Knight Rises.

He also stars in this Friday’s Looper, a futuristic thriller in which time travel is made available illegally through the black market.

In honor of the release, Celebuzz is taking a look back at a few other actors who managed to make the leap from childhood to adult movie star. Click through our gallery, above, to find out how Jodie Foster, Ryan Gosling and others made it so big in Hollywood.