‘Looper’ Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Career Evolution (GALLERY)

JGL's Rise To Fame
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's pals dish on the Hollywood hunk.
JGL's Directorial Debut
Joseph Gordon-Levitt helming a flick starring Scarlett Johansson.
My, my, how the time flies.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was only six when he began appearing in made-for-television movies. Fast forward to present day, the former child star has since became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, collaborating with critically-acclaimed directors Christopher Nolan and Rian Johnson on numerous occasions.

His latest movie Looper — out now in theaters — has Gordon-Levitt re-teaming with Johnson and working with action veteran Bruce Willis. The film, which debuted with a 92 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is just another addition to the 31-year-old’s recent string of critical successes and box office smashes.

What are some of the highlights of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s career?

From 500 Days of Summer — which earned him a Golden Globe nomination — to Inception, Gordon-Levitt has played a major part in some unforgettable hits. And with his recent work in last installment of The Dark Knight trilogy, there’s no denying his star power.

Given his illustrious career accomplishments, Celebuzz couldn’t help but go down memory lane with a look back at some of the star’s earlier work.

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