One Direction’s Liam Payne Shaves His Head After Breakup with Danielle Peazer (PHOTO)

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One Direction singer Liam Payne has chopped off his signature locks, just days after splitting from girlfriend Danielle Peazer. 

Nonetheless, the 19-year-old is no stranger to changing up his look. In 2010, the X Factor star sported a Bieber-inspired bowl-cut. He then traded in his flat iron for curl gel in 2011, but when he and bandmate Harry Styles became nearly unrecognizable, he went for a more modern comb-over.  Now, the singer has shaved it all off.

Is the 19-year-old’s recent heartbreak to blame for his new buzz cut?  

Despite earlier reports that suggested Peazer broke up with Payne after One Direction fans sent her death threats via Twitter, it now appears that the two mutually decided to split because of the international superstar’s hectic schedule.

UK paper The Mirror quotes a source close to the teenage crooner as saying, “They have split in the last few days because it has been more and more difficult to keep the relationship going with Liam spending more and more time away. He has hardly been able to see Danielle in recent months and the band have a world tour next year so it was only going to get harder.”

The source reportedly said, however, that Payne hopes to remain close to Peazer, who “was the first real love of his life.”

The Mirror reports that, since the split, Peazer — a professional dancer — has unfollowed One Direction fan accounts on Twitter.

In June, Payne tweeted a series of messages in defense of Peazer, whom some fans accused of dating the singer only for his fame.

“Just as I start to like twitter again I see the nasty side of people who like to dislike somebody who makes me … Me,” the singer wrote. He added: “#SometimesIHateTwitter when it becomes a place to abuse people who uve never met never did anything to you but you still choose to be cruel [sic].”

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