Rihanna Takes Aim at Las Vegas Gun Range (PHOTOS)

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Rihanna already has a gun tattooed on her ribcage, and now she’s putting one in her hands.

The “Diamonds” crooner found herself at a local firing range when she was in Las Vegas last weekend for the iHeartRadio festival. Sporting a midriff-baring tee and sky-high heels, the 24-year-old singer hit up Sin City’s Guns and Ammo Garage and tried her hand with three different firearms: a SAW machine gun, the M4 and AR-15 rifles.

How did she fare?

RiRi tweeted out a photo of herself holding a target with that showed she wasn’t far off the mark with her shots.

“Bad gals do it well! We got our guns in the muthaf*****g air,” she tweeted that day.

The singer also performed on Friday night at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand, hitting the stage alongside music’s biggest acts like Green Day and No Doubt.

What do you think of Rihanna’s visit to the gun range? See her in action in the video below.


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