The Daily Buzz: Katy Perry ‘Devastated’ Over the Death of Former Boyfriend ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Johnny Lewis; Plus Exclusive An Interview With Disney’s Debby Ryan (LIVE)

The tragic end of  Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis is investigated on Friday’s The Daily Buzz.

The Buzz’s experts discuss the disturbing last days of Katy Perry’s ex-boyfriend before his death. Police allege Lewis murdered his eighty-one year old landlady, and her cat, before he fell or jumped to his death.

But the alleged violent rampage was the last in a number of escalating crimes attributed to Lewis who was arrested three times this year and reportedly been in and out of drug treatment.

The Buzz have the latest developments in the case.

And, the Disney Channel’s Debby Ryan drops by The Buzz’s Hollywood studio.

The nineteen-year-old’s life changed after her show Jessie became a hit, but will Ryan soon leave the series that made her a teenage role model?

The young star also reveals her latest project inspired by Taylor Swift’s hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

The bubbly red head also talks for the first time about the day Demi Lovato once came to her rescue after she had a Hollywood car accident.

Plus, love is in the air — or is it? TDB is playing cupid, as a matchmaker examines which Hollywood couples are destined for happiness and which couples should just end it now.