Zac Efron Teaches Elmo on ‘Sesame Street’: 11 More Stars Who Have Visited the Neigborhood (GALLERY)

Zac Efron’s most recent job – teaching patience to Elmo. The star, who can be seen in the upcoming film, The Paperboy, hit up Sesame Street this week to play basketball with everyone’s favorite red monster from the show.

Elmo is very anxious to start playing but Efron is busy trying to tell everyone the word of the day – “Patience.” As a perfect example for learning the word, our furry friend is having a tough time and needs Efron to tell him, “You have to wait in a calm way, you have to show patience.”

Efron, 24, is just one of many celebrities who are hanging on Sesame Street during the landmark show’s 43rd season. Other guest stars set during this season include Kristen Bell, David Beckham, Halle Berry and many more.

What other celebrities have shown up on the Street over the years?

Many celebs often help children learn the word of the day on Sesame Street. Emma Stone has appeared to demonstrate the word “balance” while Jude Law had fun explaining the word, “cling.” Sofia Vergara even made an appearance to describe the Spanish word “baile.”

Other stars have gone on the show to sing songs such as Adam Sandler, who made up his own song about Elmo. Neil Patrick Harris, who has appeared on the program multiple times, recently sang a song about the things that make him happy including pajamas.

To see these and more stars who have made a mark on Sesame Street click through our gallery above.

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