Christina Aguilera Talks ‘The Voice’ With Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’: ‘I’m Taking a Little Break’ (VIDEO)

'The Voice' Gets 2 More
The singing show is renewed for two more seasons.
Christina Aguilera may be leaving The Voice when the current season wraps, but fans of the NBC show shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a return from the feisty judge.

“I’m taking a little break and going out on the road for a minute and getting back to me as an artist,” Aguilera told Jay Leno on Friday’s Tonight Show.

So just how little is this break?

When Leno asked if she would be back in a season or two, Aguilera’s words were music to our ears.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean I love doing the show,” she said.

“But I’ve got to keep it fresh and you know, I have to fulfill my creative soul.”

What else did Aguilera have to say about ‘The Voice?’

The 31-year-old, who just released the music video for “Your Body” this week, dished on her favorite thing about being on the reality series.

“I love being a coach. It lets me tap into my nurturing side, share my experiences and support the upcoming talent,” Aguilera told Leno.

“I think what makes the show really special and why people appreciate it is that the four of us are artists and we have to go out there and, you know, experience our fans, you know, do our shows, record our records and be artists ourselves so that we can be great coaches,” she also said.

The blonde (and purple, and pink) beauty also talked about her new album Lotus, out Nov. 13.

“It’s all about freedom — this album, this record. It’s for my fans,” Aguilera said.

“Just loving life and being positive.”

For more of Christina Aguilera’s interview on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ watch the video above. Do you want Xtina to return to ‘The Voice?’ Share your thoughts below.