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From riding a unicorn to wearing their best '90s outfit, celebrities are never to0 shy about sharing their weekly activities with fans via Twitter.

This week in celebrity Twitpics, Kylie Jenner gets ready for the fall season with a cute and hat and coffee in hand and Snooki shows off her long lashes.

What famous celeb dressed up as her mom?

Kim Kardashian got silly with a wig and posed as her mom, Kris Jenner in a funny Twitpic. We think she did a pretty good job of nailing down Kris' look. What do you think?

Kim wasn't the only one having a fun time in the Kardashian family. Khloe Kardashian Odom had some fun with a stuffed unicorn while at a photoshoot this past week.

Victoria Justice took part in a fun Twitter weekly tradition -- Throwback Thursday. The Nickelodeon star posted an old photo from 2009 of her and some pretty famous friends, like a young Josh Hutcherson. Can you pick out the others?

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  • bvaer


  • Eva

    I think RR and BA (Ben Affleck) are the new Gregory Peck and another handsome star from the past. I love them both.

  • mileyimylife

    aww this is such a beautiful photo! R.I.P Avalanna you beautiful little soul. <3