‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 2 Premiere: Magic Unleashed, Plus 4 More Things to Expect (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns Sunday for its second season after tearing down the curse that kept magic out of the series’ Storybrooke on last season’s finale. That change makes for some interesting new storylines, twists and relationship changes among Fairytale land’s refugees.

“A lot of new characters are being introduced in the second season,” Lana Parrilla, who plays Regina, told Celebuzz at EW’s Pre-Emmy party.

“There is a new realm that is being introduced – it has been out there so I can say it,” she teased. “A lot of surprises, every episode has a cliffhanger and that’s what we love about our show. It just keeps you wanting more. It is a fabulous new season, it is exciting. Every episode that comes out I can’t wait to read it.”

And we at Celebuzz couldn’t wait to watch the premiere episode early and bring you the five things to expect this season.

Note: Mild spoilers ahead.

1. Things pick up right from where they left off. Literally, we join our brave fairytale transplants right after the mist that brings magic to Storybrooke dissipates and the characters all remember exactly who they are in addition to their time in the town. That makes for some really touching reunions. But, in a place where danger lurks around every corner and with the possibility of magic now introduced, those tighter bonds can actually endanger all those involved.

2. There are survivors in Fairytale Land. We think that this is what Parrilla refers to when she says that a new realm will be introduced. While we once believed that Fairytale Land was no more after the Evil Queen’s curse, that isn’t exactly true. The first survivors we’ll meet are Disney princesses, Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty (Sarah Bolger), and a dashing new prince played by Pretty Little Liars actor Julian Morris.

3. Sure, magic has arrived, but its use is not a given. If you were expecting that magic would return and a light show of spells cast by Regina, the Blue Fairy (Keegan Tracy) and a number of other magical beings who have remembered who they really are, you’d be mistaken. Apparently, magic works very differently in the real world and only one person really knows how to make it pop. We’ll give you one guess on who he is…

4. Three moms are a crowd. OK, get your abacus out. First, Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) remembers she’s Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) mother and that just makes the pragmatic character confused and wanting a little time to figure out how to transition her best friend to her mom. Then, there’s Henry (Jared Gilmore) stuck in the middle of a very angry town who remembers that his adoptive mom is the Evil Queen and the reason why they’ve been snatched from their real lives. Despite his own mixed feelings for Regina, he’s not about to let the angry townsfolk tear her to shreds. And what Henry wants is what Emma – and his grandparents Mary Margaret and David (Josh Dallas) — want, so expect a tenuous alliance in their future. That would be one nutty Thanksgiving dinner.

5. Population growth affects Once Upon a Time. With the fact that everyone in town remembers who they really are and now this mysterious new realm, there’s a lot more characters coming your way. Here’s a preview: Lost’s Jorge Garcia has been cast as The Giant; a less noble Sir Lancelot will be played by Teen Wolf’s Sinqua Walls; Captain Hook will reach Once’s shores, played by The Rite and The Tudors actor Colin O’Donoghue; Canadian actor Ben Hollingsworth will play a warlock named Quinn, who is disowned by his parents because they’re scared of his magical abilities; and Pretty Little Liars actress Annabeth Gish will play Anita, the leader of a group of humans who share a certain canine alter ego with Ruby (Meghan Ory).

Some other treats for you: Take a look at some photos from the Season 2 premiere and the cast’s latest character photos above.

Once Upon a Time’s second season debuts Sunday at 8 PM on ABC.

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