‘Revenge’ Season 2 Premiere: A New Murder Mystery, Plus 6 More Things to Expect (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

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For its first season, ABC’s Revenge delivered on duplicity with Emily Thorne’s (Emily VanCamp) unflinching ability to walk into any room and be the person those already in there wanted her to be — all while plotting their demise in the background.

The season unfolded with one hell of a murder mystery, an epic love triangle, a blast from the past, and quite a few other near death moments for good measure. Emily’s world was continuously rocked, and just when it looked like she was getting things back under control and perhaps even preparing to “come out” as Amanda Clarke to her long lost friend Jack (Nick Wechsler), two new bombshells were dropped on her, making her recalculate her plans once again.

Season 2 is starting with a bang, though, seeing Emily regroup with some friends old and new, as well as tying up loose ends from the other season’s end cliffhangers, like just whether Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) overdosed fatally and where Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) may be hiding if she didn’t perish in that plane crash.

What can you expect from Revenge’s second season premiere?

Who else is dead? Following the formula of Season 1, though, Revenge’s second season premiere entitled “Destiny” starts a few months in the future, during an excavation and recovery mission in the water. At first glance, it certainly, simply, feels like they are looking for parts of Victoria’s plane, but very quickly it becomes apparent that another Hamptons resident has experienced a similar tragedy: A few family heirlooms — and later the full name of the boat — is revealed. Oh yeah, and there is a body on it.

Just like with the shooting on the beach in the pilot, though, Revenge doesn’t reveal the victim’s identity because the mystery of who it is and how he (or maybe she?) came to be there will unfold over the first half of the season.

An intensely refocused Emily. For now, the premiere jumps back in time by three months to see Emily in Japan, training harder than ever and determined to find her mother. She must be a little resentful that she couldn’t bring down the person who killed her father, but she’s throwing all of her emotions into her “work.”

Nolan toughens up. After all that happened, wouldn’t you? Similar to Emily, back in the Hamptons, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is in training, too, toughening himself up after hiding behind bodyguards last season.

Daniel follows the party line. And Daniel (Josh Bowman) is throwing everything he has into work, still avoiding dealing with his mother’s demise — that’s right, Victoria is nowhere to be found, and the Graysons have presumed her dead. Daniel is “drinking the Grayson Global Kool Aid” and working with his father (Henry Czerny) who is now running the company. But Daniel has also shacked up with Ashley (Ashley Madekwe), which is bound to make things even more uncomfortable upon Emily’s return.

Jack has everything, but something’s missing. Jack and the other Amanda (Marguerita Levieva) are preparing for their baby, which is due any day now, but he is a bit emotionally checked out of the relationship, drinking a lot, not quite opening up to her fully, and neglecting his responsibilities over all, leaving Declan (Connor Paolo) to step up at the bar.

Life is just a little off for everyone. The key thing to know about Revenge’s second season premiere before you go into it, though, is just how forlorn just about every character appears to be. Though these are the rich and powerful — people who should have it all — they all look pretty miserable in their current situations, but they’d still rather try to make the best of things by manipulating each other, rather than moving on.

Or perhaps they all just miss Emily’s presence more than they realize, let alone care to admit. Her return to the Hamptons is certainly going to be the real piece of action that jump starts the season!

Revenge premieres Sunday on ABC at 9 PM.

Take a look at the cast’s gorgeous new character photos for Season 2, plus shots from the second season premiere and Episode 2 above.

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Watch Gabriel Mann extoll the virtues of Season 2 guest star, Jennifer Jason Leigh, as Emily/Amanda’s long lost mother below.