Buzz at the Box Office: Mania for ‘Transylvania’, Love for ‘Looper’

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Halloween fever started early this year as Adam Sandler’s Hotel Transylvania shot to the top of the box office over the weekend.

Scaring up solid opening-weekend grosses of $34 million, the film more than doubled the returns of its next-highest competition.

That said, Rian Johnson’s Looper , which stars Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt, recouped more than two thirds of its reported $30 million budget with a haul of $21.2 million, an impressive showing that gives the filmmaker a commercial cache to match his critical bona fides.

What sort of returns did ‘Pitch Perfect’ produce?

Although Pitch Perfect came in at Number Six with a gross of $5.2 million, Universal’s music-themed movie did well in the context of its $17 million price tag, making it a minor success.

Meanwhile at Number Three, Jake Gyllenhaal’s End of Watch continues to perform solidly, earning $8 million and bringing its two-week tally to more than $26 million.

Trouble with the Curve, starring Clint Eastwood, Justin Timberlake and Amy Adams took home $7.5 million, landing it at Number Four and bringing its cumulative total to $23.7 million after just two weeks.

And Jennifer Lawrence’s House at the End of the Street followed at Number Five, earning another $7.1 million and bringing its theatrical gross to date to $22.2 million.

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